The best dress labels australia : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

dress labels australia

Custom Labels

If you need a label or sticker, we have the expertise to help you.

While vinyl stickers are very popular, we can print on a wide range of substrates with different types of printing.

We can provide the right solution for your application.
One of the important decisions to make when ordering a custom label or sticker is the type of substrate.

The best substrate in a particular instance will depend on the environment in which the item will be used.
We have the expertise to help you make the right decision.

dress labels australia
dress labels australia

dress labels australia

Our quality designer clothing labels are ideal for anyone wishing to have their own woven clothing labels or printed clothing labels.

All our garment labels are custom made. We can weave any sizes from 5mm to 200mm and up to 8 colours.

If you just start your business, GAA can help you.

We supply small quantities of woven clothing labels, printed clothing labels, woven patches and swing tags for your start.

If you are not sure about your labels, our service person will help you create your labels without any charges.

Customised Name Labels Can Be Used For Many Things

Are personalised name labels really necessary?

Not always – but how fun can they be when you’re trying to teach your children about organisation?

Name labels are a fun and creative way to help young children learn the importance of labelling things and putting them where they belong.

Here at KSTHL’s, we have several types of name labels available for customisation, including:
Sticky Name Labels: Our sticky labels are an excellent option for labelling your child’s toys (plastic and wood), their personal items, and their school supplies.

They can also be used on shelving to help your child identify where certain objects go in the house.
Woven Name Labels: Woven labels are great for your child’s clothing.

Whether they are going away to camp or simply need their name on their uniforms, woven labels can be sewn onto any fabric.
Iron On/Heat Transfer Labels: These labels are a fun way to add your child’s name to their favourite article of clothing,

their backpack, and soft surfaces that don’t require a woven/sewn-in label.

dress labels australia
dress labels australia

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