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Want to make your own PVC patch? There are several options to consider when ordering custom PVC patches. Deciding whether to be 2D or 3D is one of the biggest issues, as it will determine whether your design will have a sculpted look or a 2D look.

What is a PVC patch?

PVC patches are a modern alternative to the more common embroidered patch. They are made of durable, soft plastic and come in an endless array of colors that can bring your custom design to life. PVC patches are so durable, that they will never fade, fray, crack or peel, which makes them great for outdoor uses.

Is PVC a good option for a patch?

If you’re looking for a new way to wear your logo, then PVC patches could be the answer. Made of durable rubber and come in an endless color, these modern alternatives allow you to bring your custom designs to reality with ease. These flexible pieces can withstand outdoor use without fading or wear, making them great for all occasions!

What is so Awesome about  PVC Patches?

Unlike embroidery, PVC patches are waterproof and will never fade, wear, crack or flake, making them great for many applications such as military morale patches, outdoor uses and sports applications. PVC patches can give your design a unique depth and size while keeping it very easy to clean with a wet cloth. You can paste a PVC patch that is available in a variety of backing, but most commonly ordered with Velcro backing. The imagination of your custom design is the only limit to how much color you can use on these patches to make your design stand out. You can order badges of almost any size! PVC is a popular choice for those wishing to give their patches a unique and rugged look.

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What is 2D / 3D ? Which One Is Right for My Patch?

2D — 2D sign has multiple horizontal surfaces that separate the different layers in the art through a layering technique, resulting in raised and sunken areas. This 2D effect is great for clean, simple designs, for trademark patches with vibrant colors in a variety of tones, and places where raised and sunken ridges actively work with the overall aesthetic of your work.

3D – Like 2 D creation, 3 D art has multiple planes that can accommodate a variety of styles. But unlike 2D, our 3D images are round, have different colors and can be on the same plane. Ups and downs are not static, and elements in your work can take on a more realistic character. 3D technology is perfect for adding larger details, rounded corners or sculpted effects to help achieve.

What Other Custom Made Products Can You Manufacture with Soft PVC?

In addition to PVC patches, we can also produce custom labels, key chains, zippers, roller coaster, magnets, luggage tags, dog tags and lapel pins.

If you are looking for other promotional items to combine with your design such as custom lapel pins, hard enamel pins, custom metal key chains, Challenge coins, woven labels, other patch types such as custom embroidery patches, woven or printed, custom amulets, etc.

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Do PVC Patches Last Longer?

Yes, PVC patches last longer because they’re made of a certain type of plastic that doesn’t wear out, fade, crack or flake. PVC patches are made of high quality plastic that can withstand any environment or temperature for a long time. You’ll be amazed at how long PVC patches last and keep their beautiful shape and color.

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