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Putting Patches on Your Luggage

In addition to wearing your patches, you can use them to decorate anything made of cloth, canvas or leather. For example, your luggage can be customized with any number of patches. “Luggage” can include many different items, from backpacks and messenger bags to saddlebags and even full-size suitcases. Go crazy and put your personal touch on whatever bag you use!

Such as:

It’s usually easier to put patches on your backpacks, handbags and other bags because you can iron them. This is a great way to show your loyalty to a particular motorcycle brand or cause. Of course, you can decorate them with any patches you like.

Many people wouldn’t consider adding a patch to their full-size suitcase, especially if you rarely use it with your bike. However, you do it for a good reason: it makes your suitcase easy to identify. For example, sticking several large, easy-to-see patches on your suitcase can make you easy to spot at the airport baggage claim, which helps ensure that no one steals your bag.

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Can you iron on patches to luggage?

Patches can be added to luggage cases but whether or not it can be ironed in place depends on the material from which the luggage case is made. Fabric luggage cases should be fine for ironing on patches .

Patches on luggage

You can personalize your fabric suitcase with patches.

If you have to use patches instead of stickers, you want to sew them into a more visible place in your luggage. You can find different types of mending online and in fabric stores. They’re very cheap, and if you don’t have time to sew, you can easily sew them on, or fasten them with safety pins.

Another option for you when it comes to patches and fabric luggage is to iron the patches. Featuring features ranging from rhinestones to the X-Men logo, the iron patch makes it easy for your luggage to stand out.

Can you put iron on patches on a suitcase?

Patches can be added to suitcases, but whether they can be ironed depends on the material they are made of. The fabric suitcase should be ironed on the patch.

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