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The production process of woven labels

The production process of woven labels, how is a complete woven labels produced

First of all, we need to make the design drawing of woven labels. This is usually provided to us by our customers. Then our flower writer will use professional program software on the computer to draw our labels pattern dots by dots. The dots here represent the strands of yarn. After the electronic version is completed, the workshop operator will copy the usb disk to our woven label production machine. Then place the yarn of the corresponding color on the machine. Then we can start production.
What is produced is not a finished label, but a whole piece of fabric labels with patterns. It’s usually 20 centimeter wide. If it’s a normal quality labels. What is produced from the machine is a whole strip of fabric cut to the labels width (we call it hot cut too). The wide cut by heat from labels machine.It is emphasized here that the width of woven labels is limited by size, while the length is not. For high quality labels, we need to use ultrasonic cutting machine to divide fabric into labels width size based on 20centimeter. The strip cut according to the labels width is not the final labels, it is still a semi-finished strip rolled into a roll. Now I’m going to make the final labels. This is folding. If labels need to fold,we need do this on fold machine. There with end-fold, center-fold, Mitre-fold, or tragith cut. When this is done.then fold finished,then need go to quality control process. After the quality inspection is finished, we’ll do the final packing. And then our production is completed.

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