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Types for labels

Choosing the right label is crucial if you want a successful product Each TAB must look and function exactly as it should – and it must do so within your budget and timeline. 

There are two different stocks: satin and damask,and various folds such as straight cut, end fold,center fold and mitre fold can be processed with one color.Woven labels can come in different sizes, but a small number of sizes are recommended for better expression of the product.It is made of 100% polyester thread,the woven label is machine washed at any temperature, keeping the shape soft on the skin after multiple washing/drying.This product is not limited in number and provides an excellent solution for independent designers who are just starting their own brands. 

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Types for labels 10

Damask label

One of the most basic woven labels,damask is a cross stitch braided stock, which has strong needle restraints. 

The most common woven label is the brocade woven label.Damask is made of polyester yarn and comes in hundreds of colors.

Cruz Labels offer two types of custom Damascus-woven labels,100 Dan Damascus-woven and 50 Dan Damascus-woven (AKA high-density Woven labels). 

Denier refers to the size of the line.As a result, the 50-denier brocade is half the size of the 100-denier brocade, so it is finely woven and soft to the touch.The 100 denier brocade is of very high quality, strong and soft.For high-end, luxury clothing brands worn by infants or children, or with lots of smaller letters and details, the 50 denier brocade label will be your best choice.50 denier High density braiding label has the highest density braiding available, showing great detail, very soft and luxurious. 

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Satin label

Because of its gloss, satin is the most commonly used woven label for a variety of clothing brands.It is soft and does not irritate the skin. 

Our fully customizable woven labels with logos are popular with everyone from boutiques,style and accessory entrepreneurs to large companies.We have helped thousands of customers create their unique identity with professional fabric labels. 

High quality knitting process creates your personal design from scratch with thread colors of your choice.The end result is a beautiful, professional quality label that is more durable than an embroidered label. 

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Types for labels 12

Cotton label

Cotton label has a very natural finishing,expression of environmental protection finishing. 

Our cotton labels are very soft.Suitable for all kinds of clothing, children’s products, cotton goods.  

Cotton labels have two finished edges and two unfinished edges, so we recommend folding cotton labels instead of cutting them straight. 

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Types for labels 13

Care label

The care instruction woven label is the default instruction label with standard half-fold functionality. 

This label includes instructions on washing care and ironing.For more information on washing instructions, see Clothing Washing Instructions.The care label is attached to the side seam.The purpose of the care label is to warn the wearer of what not to do during washing, drying and ironing to preserve color, specially printed patterns, post-wash shrinkage and color bleeding issues. 

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Types for labels 14

Print label

Printed tags are relative to woven marks.Printed tags are printed labels,including washing labels,also known as washing labels,as well as size marks or measurement labels and certificates of qualification on clothing tags.At present, more and more garment factories make the main tag into the way of printing, the material includes ribbon, cotton belt, webbing, tinted cloth, cotton cloth and so on.Thus, these principal labels are also called printed marks.Printed marks can also be called labels and washing marks,which are one of the operation methods in the printing industry. Compared with offset offset printing, the products are generally used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear, quilts, and other daily articles or textiles, with the purpose of making customers understand the material composition and washing standards of the products. 

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Types for labels 15

Leather label

For the most garish and stylish look, the leather woven label has a masculine ambiance. 

Cruz Labels offers faux leather labels, real leather labels, and suede labels that are ideal for denim, bags, hats, and shoes.The durability and realistic look of the leather patch can really enhance your brand.While most people think leather patches are only for jeans, many products use artificial or real leather patches to create a rustic or high-end look. 

We can emboss, Deboss, or screen print your logo to custom leather patches to achieve the look you want.Leather and suede can also be die-cut into various shapes and dyed to match the hue of the color.To add a unique look, we can add nails, holes, thread, needles and other special materials.The leather label is flexible and durable enough to be used as a zipper pull, tag and promotional item. 

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Types for labels 16

Woven patch 

The woven patch is one of the most popular patch labels. 

Braided patches are basically braided labels cut into a shape.To make it into a clothing patch, we can attach very light felt, heat seal, stickers or Velcro.For external patches, skin stitching helps define your mark even more. 

Woven and embroidered patches are both great ways to embellish, enhance, highlight, or embellish your clothes and products.Both use threads to express design concepts.However, an embroidery patch is an embroidery piece made of a fabric substrate and thread, while a woven patch is a piece of thread woven together to form a patch.Because they are made differently, you may want to use one of them. 

Types for labels 17

If you have more detail in your design, we suggest weaving patches instead of embroidering patches.But if your design is simple and you need more patches, then an embroidered patch is better. 

Our customized fabric labels and clothing labels are the perfect finish for your clothing products.These are professionally woven cloth labels used by many large clothing manufacturers, designers and artisans, relying on our professional services. 

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