The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2023—If you can’t create value for each other, the value of interests

value of interests

If you can’t create value for each other, the value of interests. Why do you let customers, suppliers support you?

Over the years, there have been many examples around me. Many of my friends run factories. In the old business environment.

It can be said that a large proportion of orders come from acquaintances or good relationships. These relationships take a lot of time and money to cultivate.

Most business leaders (bosses) spend most of their time socializing in order to get along with customers. Drinking with clients, singing with clients.

Some people even directly bribe the head of the department of the client company. And then get the customer’s order.

They don’t spend any money or energy developing their own products. Improve your product
Later, the market changed and the competition became fierce. Many of my friends’ factories have closed down.

Because there are no orders. What kind of products and quality they produced ten years ago. Ten years later, similar quality is still produced.

In the end, there is no competitive advantage. Can only face closure.

And I have some positive textbooks around me. There are some friends who pay attention to quality and invest a lot of research and development funds every year.

Continuously upgrade products and upgrade production equipment. Start with base 0. 13 years later, it became the industry benchmark. Even industry leaders.

They do the opposite of the example above. They don’t socialize without boundaries. No bribes. They threw themselves into factory management.

Quality management. Factory upgrade, product upgrade. Under intense competition, they always stand out. Overcome difficulties.

Even to help customers overcome difficulties, win the market.
A few decades ago, the market was short of suppliers and demand was greater than supply. Now supply is greater than demand.

If you still use old ideas to experience enterprises. It’s bound to go out of business.

value of interests

My point, of course, is not to say not to socialize. But don’t overdo it. If the client’s party is regarded as a normal friend’s party, normal friend’s party is desirable.

I also give gifts to clients. Sometimes everyone has time, I will organize clients to drink together, chat. But I send friendship. It’s a pure sharing.

Share happiness, share interests, share hobbies. At heart is pure friendship. That’s not the same as paying a bribe and being able to curry favor with a client.

Clients also give me gifts. This is friendship beyond work. Work and friendship must not be confused. I think you have to avoid that in business..

It is more important for us to enhance our own value. Upgrade products, upgrade production equipment. Create unlimited value for customers. Only in this way can we cooperate with customers for a long time.
My view is not necessarily correct. But at least I did. And the effect is obvious.

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value of interests
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value of interests
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