What fabric are woven labels made of?

woven labels made of
What fabric are woven labels made of? 2

If you have your own clothing or product line, custom labels are the best way to add professionalism to your products and remind your customers of your brand. But with so many labels to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

We can choose DIY or print our own labels. Custom woven labels, however, tend to look smoother and last longer in washing and wear. Unlike printed labels, woven labels actually use thread woven or embroidered fabric. If you need a very large number of products, then printing may be your best option.

Today, we will briefly introduce the types of fabrics used in knitting labels, as well as the characteristics of each fabric, choosing the most suitable for you is the best.

How will you label it?

Would you sew it on or iron it? Most custom label retailers offer both options, but sewn labels tend to last longer and carry little risk of coming off. Braided labels are usually pre-cut using a heat or laser cutter to seal the edges and prevent wear, making them easy to sew on top of your clothes.

Let’s take a look at the fabric used in weaving labels.

Satin labels

Satin label, made of woven satin polyester thread, soft and shiny. We recommend it for things that need to feel soft, such as baby clothes. The text and design of the satin label is made of satin thread, but the background is a satin fabric with color limitations. Satin labels with a luxurious look are the best choice if you have vintage clothes.


1,Soft feeling

2, shiny, luxurious

3, durable, can withstand washing and wear


1, It’s more expensive than a Taft tower

2,Limited background color options

Damask labels

These are the most common clothing labels. Made of 100% polyester Damask lines, they have the highest line count, which means that many small details and designs of text will work out better than others. Although these labels have the highest price, their quality is the best. They are soft and durable, and offer the best color choice.


1, the highest quality

2, Soft feeling

3, durable, color safety, can withstand wear and washing

4, the most extensive color selection


Price is high

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