What fabric is used for labels and what the best material for labels?-The ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

What fabric is used for labels?

Sometimes customers ask this question. First of all, we should make it clear that the woven label is woven on the jacquard machine. It’s made of warp and weft two yarns to woven together. It is different from the printed label. Processing on certain fabrics,woven label is fixed and woven the  logo together.

We commonly woven labels several qualities as mentioned before: Damask, satin, Taffeta. There are also some more specific organizations. But damask, satin are the two qualities most commonly used. The materials for filling are mainly polyester yarns, as well as artificial yarns, Lurex metal yarns and some special yarns.

What fabric is used for labels?
What fabric is used for labels?

What is the best fabric for labels?What fabric is used for labels?

Damask. These are the most common clothing labels. Made from 100% polyester damask threads, they have the highest thread count which means they show small details of text and design better than other options making them great for customizing with your own logo.

What fabrics do woven labels use?

Custom tags can definitely make your product presentation more professional and show your brand to consumers.  In this, the quality of the label is particularly important.  

Of course, printed labels are a good choice.  But custom woven labels tend to look smoother and last longer in the wash and wear process.  Unlike printed labels, woven labels actually use thread weaving or embroidery to weave your design into the fabric of the label.  If you order a large number of products, it’s also more cost-effective than printing multiple batches of labels yourself. 

Different products always use different materials to do woven labels.

What fabric is used for labels?
What fabric is used for labels?

What fabric is used for woven labels?

Woven labels are typically 100% polyester. It is the type of weave, and the thickness of the threads (“denier” or “thread count”) that determine the look and feel. Woven labels are generally made with a damask weave, satin weave, or a taffeta weave.

Damask clothing label 

Made of silk, cotton, or linen.It has one of the highest line counts and, as a result, shows off the design and font details well and better showcases your brand.It also has a wealth of colors and great durability, so you don’t have to worry about labels fading when washing clothes. 

Satin clothing label 

The satin on the clothing label is actually a satin polyester fabric woven from silk or rayon as a substrate. But there are restrictions on color and design details. 

Taffeta clothing label 

Taffeta is cheaper than others, but thicker, and made of polyester thread, tough but shiny. The brocade thread also suits the design here. 

And the same material can do different quality for labels.That’s to say,high density or low density is up to you.But we always suggest to do high density,because the brand woven label play an important role in brand promotion.

What fabric is used for labels?
What fabric is used for labels?

How do you make fabric labels?

  1. Stamp Your Own

Using stamps and permanent ink is probably the easiest way to make labels for clothes. It can also be a fun way to let kids personalize their own tags. Use a permanent ink, not a water based ink.

  • 2. Sew Your Own

If your sewing machine will do any fonts (many new machines do) you can sew your own clothes tags.Of course if you have a letter stitch on your machine, you can write whatever you want. I typically don’t cut my twill tape off the roll until after I’ve stitched out the word when I do these kind of labels.

  • 3. Custom Print Fabric Labels

This is how I make the labels I use most often – I make a graphic and then use it to have fabric printed. This is quilting cotton ordered from My Fabric Designs, which is a custom fabric printing service.

  • 4. Custom Iron On Labels

The last method I used to make clothing labels was to cut out heat transfer vinyl on my Cricut Maker (affiliate link) and iron it on to my t-shirt. I don’t want to go into a whole heat transfer vinyl tutorial. I’ll just say to remember to mirror your words to cut out and iron on, and follow the instructions for your particular machine.

What fabric is used for labels?
What fabric is used for labels?
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