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What is Damask Labels?

What is Damask Labels?

We commonly use woven labels as follows:

damsk labels,satin labels and taffeta labels

Woven labels

such as fabric structure, simple once weft and warp up and down into a labels we call it damask labels.Generally speaking, warpyarns are fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white warp, Iight color background standard, generally use white warp, dark generally use black warp. We also produce warp in special colors. Any warp in anycolor other than black or white needs to be made to order. And it takes a lot of them to produce.
The warp density of satin woven labels is twice that of damask. This is fixed. The warp yarn has different twist, and the warp yarn is relatively thin, so the woven labels feel smooth and shiny. The price cost is higher than Damask’s.

The warp color is also fixed. They are usually available in black and white. Black satin, white satin.

Of course, like as Damask, warp colors can also be customized.

But it needs to be specially made.
Taffieta works on the same principle as Damask. Just that Taffeta is the worst quality labels. Long ago some cheap clothes would be used taffeta labels. The base of taffeta labels has only one layer and can be seen through. If we weave the base of taffeta twice, it becomes damask. Sometlmes we want to make the logo reflect more characteristic. We even weave the logo part three times in weft. This will make the logo bulge.

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