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What is the property of the woven label

Whether a brand is well-known always determines a buyer’s choice of ordered clothes. Therefore, the development trend of woven clothing label has long been the basic guarantee of a company’s sustainable development. A lot of customers have a higher pursuit of clothing, and the trend develops rapidly in their daily life.No matter what kind of trend the pursuit of fashion, are indispensable clothing accessories, clothing to have enough auxiliary material, can make a dress finished product. Clothing trademark has become one of the indispensable key components of clothing. According to the application field, the woven label of clothing mainly includes: collar label, main label, side label, size label, origin label, pocket mark, sleeve label, washed label, name woven label, luggage and handbag woven label, bedding woven label, etc. According to the processing technology, it can also be divided into a burning-side knitting mark, wear-side knitting mark, hook-side knitting mark, plane knitting mark, forged surface knitting mark, wood shuttle knitting mark, pure cotton knitting mark, etc.

Although the trademark of this kind of clothing is small, it has a significant influence on the internal product quality and brand awareness of the clothing. The different components and influence levels of the clothing are different, which can be described as interlocking. At the same time, the beauty and generosity of a garment are determined by these auxiliary materials. Only the good matching of accessories will give the garment a visual beauty, and conversely, it will reduce the level of the garment. Clothing woven label is the image of the clothing brand, reflecting the brand image and brand value of clothing.

2 1596014007000

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