Which label is the best?—Woven labels or print labels

Woven tag or print tag, is a lot of customers tangled point.Many new customers prefer to print labels.Because they think that product the print labels is quickly, low cost, logo and design drawing consistent. 

The labels we see in the market are usually woven labels and print labels, whether in clothing or bags, or even other textiles. 

Do you not know how to choose?Hopefully, this article has helped you make the choice to create a label that best fits your product and brand positioning. 

In fact, we struggle to choose woven marks or printed marks, just because we do not know about them.The more you know about different styles and their underlying characteristics, the easier it will be to make a decision. 

Woven label 

Woven labels are usually 100% polyester.It is the type of braiding and the thickness of the thread (denier or thread density) that determines its look and feel.The entire label is woven, giving them an attractive soft feel, and they are also very durable.  Woven labels can present the design and information you want.Woven labels are usually made up of two main materials: polyester and cotton.Because of the quality of the materials used, woven labels tend to last longer than printed labels. 

High quality woven labels make your products more advanced.Individual stitches give a more durable look. 

Woven labels are considered a limited design because they are woven on a loom and can come in up to eight colors. 

woven labels vs print labels 6
Which label is the best?—Woven labels or print labels 6

Print label 

Your design is printed on the material of your choice, not woven into the material.  You can choose satin, cotton, tyvek or poly blend, such as poly satin or poly cotton. 

Print labels can contain logos and brand names that are printed digitally on selected materials. 

For printed labels, there is basically no limit to color.This is very advantageous because you can create dramatic visual effects on your clothes.Paying attention to the small details is a sign of trust and quality among customers, and will increase brand loyalty among existing customers as people like to know their products are worth the money. 

Print labels are accurate and can implement all the complex details your design needs to display.You will get the results you want. 

Although they are printed, the labels are washable.It’s silly to waste time on labels that will fall off after the first wash.Using good quality ink is a good way to increase brand awareness. 

woven labels vs print labels 3
Which label is the best?—Woven labels or print labels 7

Different labels give different impressions.

What’s the difference between the woven and print labels? 

1.  Price

Because the printed label is easy to produce, the price will be cheaper than the woven label.Woven labels are made on a loom and require more attention, so cost more and the material tends to be more durable.Woven labels are more expensive, but it depends on the use and price of your clothes. 

2. Persistence 

Woven labels tend to last longer than printed ones.They are sewn, not printed,so they are more resistant to washing and repeated treatment.After a printed label has been cleaned several times, the text may not look clear.Recommended for items that are not cleaned frequently. 

3. Quality of professionalism 

Many high-end fashion brands tend to use woven labels rather than printed labels.  This is because they give the impression of being more extravagant and make your clothes seem more expensive. 

4. Intricate design 

Customers want the brand name, contact information and website address on the label.But if they are large enough, complex design content woven into the label is no problem, but often woven labels do not have too large size.And printed labels can combine hundreds of different colors in a small place to produce complex and advanced designs. 

5. Production time 

The production time of printed labels is faster than that of woven labels – this is just a comparison in time.If your order is urgent, it may take less time to print the labels than to knit them. 

6. Minimum quantity 

For woven labels, there is no requirement for MOQ.And the print label MOQ is higher. 

We cannot say whether it is better to choose the woven label or the printed label. There is no absolute answer.Which one to choose has nothing to do with manufacture or design.But it has to do with marketing and brand positioning. 

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Which label is the best?—Woven labels or print labels 8

1. Different types of products, you want the label to reflect the same quality as your product. 

For example, if you want an “earthy look”, then printing on a cotton label or if you prefer a woven style is the best choice. 

If you make close-fitting clothing or children’s wear, you may want a small label that is very soft and does not irritate the skin.Then high quality super cut woven labels are a good choice. 

woven labels vs print labels 1
Which label is the best?—Woven labels or print labels 9

2. The quality of your labels is equal to the value of your brand. 

Putting the right label on your product is like a stamp of approval.You are creating an “identity” or name for yourself and your brand.Your label will let your customers know that they are unique.In keeping with your brand, you want your label to reflect the same look and feel as your brand. 

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Which label is the best?—Woven labels or print labels 10
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