Which One is Best for Your products?—- different types of clothing labels

For each piece of clothing, in addition to considering the design of the fabric itself and so on, we also need to carefully consider the label you use on the clothing. And there’s a dizzying array of clothing brands to choose from — so how do you know which one is best for your needs? There are many different types of clothing labels to choose from in the industry, but for the sake of simplicity, here are the most common ones.

Woven labels

The woven label does exactly what its name implies. It is a small piece of cloth with high-quality threads woven into it with small details. It might just be a simple sign or some text, or you might want to include more information there, such as a slogan, simple washing instructions or just a simple English word. In general, due to the nature of woven labels, it is recommended that you keep the design simple. If it is a complex design, you need a larger label size, and there is a color limit.

Woven labels are often used by high-end fashion brands because they look more attractive and customized than other forms of clothing labels. One of the great advantages of woven labels is that they don’t fade!

Woven labels is widely used in clothing and textile industry and luggage industry, such as clothing factory, underwear factory, shoe factory, hat factory, bag factory, umbrella factory, textile factory, leather factory, household goods factory will use woven shipping mark. Generally under the inner back collar of the jacket, or in the inner back seam of the bottom. Woven mark by computer plate, and then weaving, and then ultrasonic cutting edge. Our woven labels feel soft, do not hurt the skin, can make a variety of complex patterns. What we show on this page is a main label of woven label. The whole label adopts white as the background and the logo is multi-color combination, which gives a sense of impact visually. All our products are customized, so we do not support taking spot goods.

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Which One is Best for Your products?---- different types of clothing labels 3

Print labels

Printed labels are created by imprinting the company logo or some text on the material — this is the most common satin form (because it holds ink better than other fabrics). Printed labels certainly don’t have a “designer” feel, but they are useful for labels that need to include more information, such as labels with detailed washing instructions. You can choose the ink color that best suits your brand – but be aware that some colors fade more easily than others. This is one of the disadvantages of printed labels.

Screen printing is the biggest advantage of thick ink layer, good covering power, but the speed is slow, poor level, low degree of registration (this refers to the domestic general level), so the screen printing machine can be used to print the hierarchy of the label is not strong.

Letterpress printing has good image and text definition, high printing speed, color strength and durability are stronger than offset printing, slightly worse than screen printing, but the level of expression and registration are stronger than screen printing and flexo printing, so most of the domestic label production by letterpress printing.

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Which One is Best for Your products?---- different types of clothing labels 4

Heat transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels use high temperatures to transfer images onto a piece of fabric. They are used less often than the other two clothing brands because the results tend to look less professional. The color also comes off easily when using a dryer. No irritation to skin, often used in underwear. What type of clothing label is best for your brand? It’s best to think about what you want to create before making a decision.

In general, if you want to make a good impression, woven labels are a better choice. However, you might also want to buy some labels with washing instructions printed on them so your clients know how to care for their clothes! While exploring different types of clothing brands, you also need to decide which style you want.

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