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Slope trademark

The ground organization is the trademark belt of the oblique organization, called the oblique trademark.

The tissue point of the oblique tissue is continuous, into oblique grain, and the floating length through the floating point or latitude floating point constitutes oblique weaving.Double tissue compared with flat tissue, oblique float is longer, warp and longitude interweave less than flat tissue, less flat fabric firm, tissue is not staggered warp (latitude) yarn easy, make the fabric is soft, luster is better, but under the same yarn and density, oblique tissue strength and bone worse than flat, because the oblique tissue can achieve larger density than flat fabric, therefore, can rely on increasing warp density to improve the strength of the fabric

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Classification of trademark loom

Trademark belt, like the fabric, requires edges to increase the strength of its edges, and the comfort of different edges is different.The edge of the trademark belt accounts for a small proportion of the trademark belt, but it has a great impact on the comfort of the clothing

Cut edge machine trademark

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When the sword rod and jet loom are woven, all the trademarks are woven out of the loom together. After the trademark is woven, an eager blade is installed between the chest beam and the loom to cut the whole trademark into several pieces. The melting adhesion of the warp yarn at the edge of the trademark will naturally form the edge, which is the eager edge

In the actual weaving process, the trademark can be divided into individual trademarks by adjusting the distance between the eager blades according to the specific width of the trademark.Trademark belt loom is woven with a bandwidth range of 8 to 80 mm.On the ground organization to weave the latitude flower text pattern, with the appearance of embroidery products

Wood shuttle trademark

When the wood spindle machine produces trademarks, each trademark is separate at the time of weaving, made of several spindle with the same number of trademark bars.

The trademark surface of wood spindle machine weaving is relatively smooth, with smooth and beautiful weaving edges. Compared with the trademark produced by edge cutting machine, the trademark edge woven by wood spindle machine is relatively smooth

The edge organization of wood spindle machine trademark has ping organization, square organization, etc.Typically, edge tissue uses few roots, sometimes only 1 to 2.

Flat tissue, as edge tissue, can cooperate with ground tissue as flat tissue fabric and ground tissue as non-flat fabric.Heavy flat tissue is formed based on flat lines by extending the tissue point in one direction (i. e., the same tissue point) in one direction

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The hook edge machine trademark

The latitude yarn of the hook machine is not woven by the spindle, but by a hook sends the latitude yarn from one end of the trademark and then exit, so it will have two latitude yarn woven every latitude, which is generally commonly used on the loom, among which the more representative is the Swiss MULLER loom.

The edge organization of the trademark belt woven by the hook machine is generally double flat tissue.Single flat and double flat print tissues are shown in Fig.

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The trademark belt attached to the clothing product is the durability label, which refers to the label permanently attached to the clothing and clarifying the clothing brand, clothing size, washing precautions and the manufacturer.

Includes main labels, size labels, washing labels, origin labels, etc.Usually, the main and size labels are woven labels.

The main label (main label) mostly uses polyester fabric, cotton polyester mixed textile and pure cotton fabric woven from the jacquard method.

The main label of the jacket is generally sewn at the back collar, and the main label of the pants is generally sewn at the waist or on the back bag. Some coat clothing adopts a large area of embroidery pattern patch sewn in the back of the clothing or the back clip of the clothing.

The main label serves as the brand label of clothing, which reflects the brand of clothing, and some also include registered trademarks of clothing.The size label indicates the size of the clothing, generally using the same material as the main label, sewn with the main label.Washing labels are generally printed with durability, indicating the composition and content of raw materials, washing instructions and matters for attention.The trademark belt indicating clothing size type is an indispensable logo on clothing, and plays a representative role in commodity trade

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