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Wholesale patches for hats

How much does it cost to put a patch on a hat?

You can use up to 12 thread colours with our embroidered and woven patches. We sample all of our patches and send you through a photo to check that you are happy with how they have sewn out and to check the colours are correct. We also offer glow in the dark, neon, metellic threads as well as puff embroidery.

How do I make patches for hats?

We work with our clients through the design process and have the ability to produce the patch design you need including, level of embroidery, materials used, and even size. Work directly with one of our experienced patch designers to refine a design idea after you request a free quote. Once the design has been agreed upon we take over the manufacturing of the patch and deliver a sample for approval. Quality is of upmost importance to us and if you don’t approve of the finished product we remake the sample.

Can you add patches on hats?

Custom iron-on patches are perfect for people looking for an easy way to apply their patches to their preferred items. With a special heat-activated glue used backing paper, all you’ll need is an iron, although a heat press is recommended. These patches can be made in nearly any shape or size. Large bulk custom iron on patches are perfect for sports uniforms, business logos, or even simply to mend the holes or cover any stitching on the clothing.

What size patch is good for a hat?

Custom hat patches are popular additions to various informal hats.They are a fun and easy way to identify a brand, make a political statement, and even tell a joke.In recent years, embroidered patches have become standard on baseball caps and trucker hats.

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In many cases, designing a hat patch is exactly the same as designing a patch to be used on other clothes.But when you want your patch to live out the rest of your life on someone else’s baseball cap, these are a few things that might change some of your design thinking. 

Size starts to become an issue when you want to design a patch on a hat, not that the patch can go anywhere.Anything 3 inches or larger is too big for a hat.In addition, vertical or horizontal designs are often better worn on hats than circular designs.But that’s the design consideration we leave with you.

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Custom patches are used in hats to promote businesses, identify employees, sport teams or military units, to support a cause, or just for fun. Hat patches are a powerful, yet easy and low expensive way to generate loyalty and advocacy among your clients, fans or followers.

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Custom Patches can be used to adorn just about any apparel item, enhancing their overall appearance, as well as adding function to whatever they’re attached to. From classic styles to dynamic designs, patches are expressive pieces that help promote your business, organization or cause. Custom Patches for hats is our favorite patch application! But whether they’re stitched onto a hat, or attached with adhesive to a backpack, patches make an impression that is sure to last.

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Custom patches for hats are popular additions to informal caps of all kinds. They’re a fun, easy way to identify a brand, make a political statement or even tell a joke. Our custom patches for hats are made from embroidered, printed, woven, PVC, TPU patches, and they can be transferred directly to hats using heat pressing and stitching. Or attach by hook and loop backing. Flexible, simple, and affordable. These are the obvious advantages of custom hat patches.

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Wholesale patches for hats
Wholesale patches for hats

wholesale patches iron on

Wholesale patches for hats
Wholesale patches for hats

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Wholesale patches for hats
Wholesale patches for hats
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