Why do you also need hem tag?

Why use Hem tags? 

Custom Hem tags can and will build your brand on a different level than the rest: those tiny little tags can set you apart. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 13

What is a Hem Tag? 

Hem Tag is popular in woven label industry at present.  Hem tags are small labels that are folded over the outside of clothing, usually sewn at the Hem.  Of course, this is not the only one. 

Hem Tags were initially popular for use on the necklines and sleeves of T-shirts and sportswear. 

The effect is the same whether it’s on the neckline, hem, side or shirt sleeve.  That way, people can see the brand without having to look inside. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 14

Where should I put my Hem Tag? 

Custom tags can be placed on any object and can be placed anywhere.  For labels that fold in half, we recommend placing them at the neck, sleeve, front pocket, or bottom/side fold.  Don’t be limited by my thought, it can be used in many places, you can use your creativity.  Ruffled labels are also common on hats, scarves, gloves, etc., so determine which label is best for you and your product. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 15

Hem tag is sewn into the neckline 

The woven tag is sewn upside down in to the collar,on the front of the shirt. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 16

Hem tag is sewn at the bottom of the garment 

You might be surprised at how much a little knitted label can increase the value of an item of clothing.  Yes, so Hem Tag design is very important, it shows the brand culture. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 17

The Hem Tag is sewn onto the cuff 

These tags are the second most popular location, usually at the cuff of a short-sleeved shirt. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 18

The Hem Tag is sewn on the pocket 

Front and center placement is ideal for a small garment label such as this one. The damask label is sewn on upside down,  one the outer hem of the pocket. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 19

The Hem Tag is sewn on the outer edge of the item 

The outer hem of is a very visible place for a double sided woven damask label. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 20

Hem Tag on the inside of the item 

The inside hem of shirts is by far the most common placement of hem tags,   specially satin printed care labels. They are usually printed on both sides. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 21

What is the difference between Hem Tag and other woven tags? 

In fact, they are all the same, but the Hem Tag is folded in the middle, most of them are sewn on both sides of the Hem. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 22

Optimal size for Hem Tag 

The most common folded label size is about 1 “x 1”, and when folded in the middle, the total label size is 1 “x 2”.  Of course, the size depends on your idea and your product.  But usually they look like square properties. 

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Why do you also need hem tag? 23

What creative elements should be included in the Hem Tag? 

The Hem Tag is really up to you.  However, these tags are usually small in size and do not contain much content.  The Logo is indispensable.  Other information you want to show can be sewn into the clothes by number mark, washing mark and other woven labels.  Because Hem tags are folded in half, you can have your logo on both sides.  Or have your logo on one side and text on the other.

Hem Tag
Why do you also need hem tag? 24
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