Woven label laser cutting

Woven label is a cloth mark with words, letters and LOGO patterns. The woven label machine is made of fixed warp yarn and weft yarn to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, THREE-DIMENSIONAL signs and color combinations. It has the characteristics of high-end, firm, bright lines and soft feel. Woven label technology can be seen almost everywhere, whether it is clothing labels, bags, shoes and hats, or plush toys, home textiles and other fields, have become an indispensable important decorative elements.

Woven label is rich in color, diverse in shape, and most of the special-shaped trademark. How to cut the trademark accurately and efficiently has become a concern of many customers.

For a variety of complex special-shaped woven labels, the introduction of automatic identification laser cutting machine, its advantages are shown as:

1, automatic camera positioning cutting, can be arbitrary Angle, camera positioning cutting. Precise cutting, no coke edge, no yellow edge.

2. The system is intelligent and easy to operate.

3, high precision stepper motor drive, precise synchronous belt and belt wheel drive, ensure high speed movement and precision.

4, using DSP control technology, can realize fast and continuous curve cutting.

5, automatically generate the choice of path, save working time.


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