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Cloth label advertising began in big cities in the early 1990s. Promotional messages such as discount information and opening good luck were printed on large red cloth to attract passers-by. Later, large companies artistically arranged enterprise trademarks and various art fonts to make giant cloth advertising pictures to hang on the shop floor. With the development of urban commercialization, various paper and plastic sprayed outdoor advertisements replace “cloth labels”. “Cloth label” has moved from big cities to small and medium-sized cities and rural areas, and now it has become one of the popular forms of rural outdoor advertising.

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Selvedge label:
When the required trademark is pointed out according to the width at one time, it is called selvage trademark. This process avoids many disadvantages of trimming, but the output is low. It is also divided into flat / satin, which is characterized by soft and smooth feel. It is more suitable for high-level clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc.

Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality use the most, and the machines are also made in Japan. The selvedge mark is generally made of satin mark, but the satin background color is difficult to express. Ironing / dyeing and other processes are often used to solve this problem.

The selvage weaving machine generally has a wooden shuttle machine, and the color can not exceed four; There is also a crochet machine, which can also weave the quality of various processes. Even transparent polyester yarn can be added to the warp yarn, which is called fish silk crochet machine.

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Trimming label:
Cutting edge cloth label is also called burning edge label.

As the name suggests, on a special high-speed machine, it is woven as a whole, and then cut into strips according to the target width. Because of the thermal melting characteristics of polyester, the yarn will stick to each other and will not loose edges when cutting. It is also for this reason that the appearance and feel will be affected to some extent.

A good machine will be better. Ultrasonic cutting is better than ordinary electric knife. The cloth label of strip can be directly sorted and sent to the garment factory for processing; If the requirements are strict, it needs to be cut and folded. Because the maximum width of this machine is 20.8cm, that is, it can weave labels of this width and process various shapes.

According to the process classification, it can be divided into two categories: plane mark and satin mark.

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Plane mark:
The cloth mark is like a cloth structure, which is simple and interwoven up and down from one warp and one weft, which is called a simple plane mark. Generally speaking, the warp yarn is fixed, either black or white, so it can be divided into black flat and white flat. The light background color mark is generally white flat, and the dark one is generally black flat.

The pattern and color of cloth label are mainly expressed by weft, and the color expressed will be different from the effect of crossing warp. Because general machines have restrictions on the types of weft, the colors they can express are limited, generally less than 8 kinds. It can be seen from the above that the price components are: the width of the cloth label, that is, the amount of warp used; The length of the label and the length of each color along the meridional direction.

In order to express the details and colors more abundantly, double the weft yarn, which is called double-sided mark. If a certain color needs more three-dimensional feeling, add a heavy yarn, which is called heavy shuttle. In addition to washing and size, flat double-sided labels are mostly used.

Cloth labels are all yarn to express patterns, which must be different from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make large goods without small samples.

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