Crystal’s work diary 1-woven patches

Woven patches

Recently rebuilding the website, we are sorting out the products for shooting sewing clothing labels and release. Custom iron patches, tags on clothes, embroidery badge, apparel hang tags and so on.

The original plan was to re-release the clothes brand tags and woven patches based on the library we had built before, but finding samples became a time-consuming matter.So we changed the strategy.First find out our own published products, and then go to the previous website to export the corresponding photos, and video shooting, feel this is relatively easy to do more time saving.

I shot more than a dozen products yesterday. I have been thinking about what kind of video style will you like.Most of the shooting templates are Chinese music with SFX sound. I always feel like we need to change it to English music, but in this way, the SFX sound in the original sound effects are not reflected.

Please feel free to let me know if there is anything that needs improvement in the release of the video or product’s particulars.I look forward to presenting them the way you like them.Our poducts, woven label, woven patch, embroidery badge and a series of accessories quality is very good, really want to show you in the best possible form. To show the personal patches and labels.

Woven patches

We are committed to helping our customers develop high quality labels, make ur own tags,so we have a lot of great products on our hands, both in terms of design and quality.

woven patches

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