5 best ways to choose clothing accessories

Fashion is inseparable from clothing accessories.  Accessories can make or break a garment.  In addition to the pattern of a garment design, the biggest distinction is its accessories.  Every little detail is the finishing touch.  The embroidery on the cheongsam, the badge on the jacket, the color on the hat, the decoration on the T-shirt… 

As American sportswear designer Michael Kors says, the devil is in the details, and “accessories are the exclamation point of women’s clothing.” 

As a small but important part of a garment, a good clothing accessory is difficult to determine.  Here are five ways to simplify the process.  Keep this in mind as you put the finishing touches to your design clothes. 

1. Consider the color of accessories 

In modern visual art, color plays an increasingly prominent role. Expressionism, Op art and abstraction especially regard color as the main visual art language. Color materials and means of expression are constantly updated and enriched, opening up a broader world for the application of color. 

The colorful world is full of colors. Colors make everything in the universe full of emotion and vitality.  As one of the most popular aesthetic forms, color is ubiquitous.  Clothing bright colors, strong to give people’s vision to “take the lead” the first impression, thus becoming an important part of the clothing.  With the development of mankind, different times have different understanding of clothing color, and its emergence has the characteristics of social symbolism, aesthetics and practical function.  The color collocation of clothing accessories is particularly important. 

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2. Proportion of clothing accessories 

Different series of products need the size of clothing accessories is not the same.  For example, the main mark of the coat coat, weave chapter embroidery chapter and so on will be greater than the auxiliary materials on the T-shirt, hat, bag.  Therefore, after the design of the pattern, it is necessary to confirm the required proportion, so that it can be better applied to the product. 

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3. Brand declaration of clothing accessories 

The main mark on the clothing is mostly the brand name, and even other accessories, such as woven seal, embroidered seal, ribbon, etc., with the logo is a symbol of a brand.  Make a brand statement and let consumers know your brand.  The clothing accessories used on your product become walking billboards.  Be able to provide more added value to your brand than it is worth.  The cost of an accessory is not high, but its value is infinite.  Every piece you show, make sure it gets the attention it deserves. 

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4. Clothing accessories should pay attention to the sense of occasion 

The magic of accessories is that they can change the whole aesthetic of an outfit.  Accessorize your favorite jeans, T-shirts, cool sneakers, and luxury leather baseball caps with stylish fabrics, embroidered badges, and other accessories for an edgy, trendy look.  A piece of clothing that is originally very common can be designed to look its own.  Design your own clothes to suit your own tastes.  You can also add different accessories to your clothing according to different occasions to make it more suitable for the occasion.  For example, to watch a football match, we can sew on our clothes the football weave or the logo of our favorite team;  When attending a wedding, we can attach relevant elements to the clothes to make the clothes more festive and so on.  When choosing accessories for your outfit, keep in mind the atmosphere you want to convey and the occasion you’re wearing it. 

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5. Less clothing accessories is more 

Although garment accessories can change a garment, making ordinary clothes more beautiful and meaningful.  However, it is not advocated that all accessories should be piled up on a dress, which will backfire.  Nowadays society still advocates contracted creed very much.  Adding a clothing accessory in an obscure area can change the look or even shape of a garment, depending on how you use it.  Clothing accessories should be used in the key, a product does not need too much clothing accessories to decorate.  If you’re new to styling or unsure of your costume assembly skills, look for different types of clothing accessories that will give you inspiration. 

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