Crystal’s work diary 4– clothing accessories

clothing accessories

After the May Day holiday,we went back to work.These months are the peak season, a lot of orders in our hands.In order to ensure that the order is not wrong, we must supervise each link.The happiest thing is to see all the goods packed up in boxes after they are finished.Shipment should be the most happy time for each salesman.

Enquiries from clients is diverse recently.they need different types of labels.There are polyester laudry labels, satin labels, needle loom woven label, cotton weaves,ribbons with interesting patterns, woven patchess, embroidered custom patches and leather clothing labels.These things are actually very common in our life, but also very practical. A luxury name tags to make your own clothes is very important to the development of the customer. The ability of the clients to design and use the range is really beyond what I realized.  It is also because of you that I have learned more about the use of these products, other unique manufacturing techniques and sales methods that I have never thought of!

clothing accessories




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