7 steps to design custom clothing tags

This article will help you learn more about labels and better choose the right labels for your products.Details to consider when designing labels and where common product labels are sewn. 

1. The types of custom clothing labels 

According to the material and technology of customized labels, clothing labels can be divided into three types: woven labels, printed labels and PVC labels. 

Woven label 

This is the preferred tag type.Woven labels can be divided into damask, satin and taffeta labels.The damask tag is the best choice for many customers, and is also the most frequently customized.It can achieve the highest density, making the label more detailed and perfect.The satin label surface has a bit of both sides, which is its characteristic.Taffeta labels, made of polyester, cost less. 

Printed labels 

The current state of the art allows you to print your logo and message on many materials. 

PVC label 

These labels are made of PVC, which is also known as soft rubber because it’s soft and flexible.This material is especially recommended for outdoor equipment such as jackets, gloves, bags, camping gear and backpacks, etc. 

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2. Custom clothing labels size 

What size fits your label? 

When designing your own clothing labels, choosing the right size for the label is crucial, depending on where you want the label to be sewn into the product. 

Our labels are 100% customized to your needs, but there are general size suggestions. 

The most common label size will depend on the item and location of the label.Major retailers have certain standards. 

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3. The folding way of custom clothing labels 

Not all clothing labels need to be folded, and non-folded (straight cut) designs are common.Of course, there is no additional cost to adding any type of folding to the label. 

Custom clothing labels folding type 

Straight cut

Also known as no-fold, the straight cut label is perfect, you can sew it around the label, or on the side.Mainly used for neck labels, sleeves and wash labels. 

End fold

It is your best choice if you are sewing on the side of the label.It is also the most commonly used folding method Mainly used for neck tags and pants tags. 

Center fold

Also known as ring fold, mitre fold labels are often used for flag labels.  It is mainly used for hem and side seam of clothes. 

Miter Fold

Miter fold has two ends folded at a 45 degree Angle and then up at a 90 degree Angle to create a label to be sewn into your product.Take a look at the example on our page, which should help illustrate. 

Miter folds are very common neck tags.It is also known as a “hook” tag, and its nickname comes from the product that uses this tag to hang it.Miter folding labels are most commonly used on collared shirts, robes and/or jackets. 

Manhattan fold

Manhattan foldable labels work great when you attach them to the hem or sleeve.Mainly used for armband and hem mark. 

Once you have identified the active area for your logo and label sewing, you will have a general idea of the full size of your label. 

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4. The position of the custom clothing labels 

There are many ways to sew labels on fabric.Depending on where the label is, you may need to sew on the neck, bottom, outside and inside.Even for surface decoration.There is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

On the other hand, if you order an ironing label, you’ll need to use an iron.It is also very easy to operate, to iron the label to smooth out the place, put the label, cover a cloth on the label.  With the heated iron, place the ironing label in the desired position. 

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5. Custom clothing labels and select the correct color 

Colors evoke positive associations and initial evaluation of the brand. 

Woven labels can display up to 8 colors.To help us achieve the right color scheme for you, you can provide us with the pantone color number you like. We will try our best to match, but we cannot guarantee a 100% match. 

Don’t underestimate the impact of color. 

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6. The font of custom clothing labels

Choosing the right font style is key to building a brand image.The correct font style causes immediate recognition.We will also make samples completely according to the design drawings.So the determination of the design drawing is very important, can save a lot of time and cost to change the mold. 

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7. Create a successful custom clothing labels

The company logo is very important, just like your products should not only look beautiful but also have their own characteristics. 

The challenge of creating your own brand begins with choosing a “brand” name, color, font, and other design elements.You have to make sure they fit your business style and personality, and they need to be easy to remember and recognize.Your logo will be used in many different types of applications that you can’t even foresee right now.

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