anti-counterfeiting labels and fluorescent yarn security effect

Today I want to share some anti-counterfeiting labels.

When a company develops a great product through painstaking efforts.A lot of research and development has been invested in this process.A good product is finally finished.Less than six months or a year after the product is on the market.Suddenly found that their products had been copied.

I think a lot of companies have had this problem.I have encountered this problem myself, including my clients.So how do we protect our legitimate rights and interests, intellectual property rights?
We developed some anti-counterfeiting labels a long time ago.To protect everyone’s products.There are some kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels.

Today I would like to recommend two:
One is the fluorescent yarn security effect, the other is the digital implanting security yarn.These two are also more commonly used anti-counterfeiting measures.The research and development cost of any kind of anti-counterfeiting labels is very high, so the general counterfeiter is to save the cost.It is difficult for them to use the same anti-counterfeiting labels, so as to play an anti-counterfeiting role.

For your products, please support the use of anti-counterfeiting measures, so that counterfeiters can not survive!!


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