Choose the right size labels

When you’re looking for custom clothing labels, one of the biggest factors to consider first is the size of the label. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to size a label, KSTHL has compiled the following steps.

First, identify and measure the largest area of clothing you want the label to cover, then identify and measure the smallest area of clothing you want the label to cover. Setting up parameters makes it easier to determine size because you rule out many different sizes that don’t fall within these boundaries. Using this method to design the size, it will become more accurate, and it will be more intuitive to see whether the size of the label is what you want.

Next, sketch out your tag, including all the information and any logos or images you want to include. This can help you quickly confirm whether you want to make woven label or woven patch. After that, you can choose rectangle or square. Thin rectangular labels are best. Often, logos or images need slightly larger labels because it is important that the details are not shown on the smaller labels.

Third search the TAB for available sizes and choose one that best fits your design and your size needs. If you are not sure what size or size to use to best convey your brand information, you can call a branding expert or contact the manufacturer of woven labels to give their best advice to help you complete the process.

Finally, send your design drawing and the confirmed size label to the weaving label manufacturer. (For example, KSTHL LABELS is your best choice, because we have been engaged in this industry for 16 years, and we have very good experience and excellent team, who can give you the best advice to make the highest quality label.) Determine the number of labels, woven label manufacturers will immediately arrange proofing for you.

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