If you are looking for a custom clothing label with your own logo, this is the perfect solution. The label is durable and non-fading,and also very mild for skin. 

Fabric label and tag 

Most fabric labeling companies promise high quality, punctuality and competitive pricing on their websites, but that’s not always what they offer.Some big companies charge a lot of money but don’t give your work the personal attention it deserves.  There are also very small stores that don’t have the technology or equipment to provide high-quality goods in a timely manner.High-tech printing and labeling companies can avoid both pitfalls.We are big enough to do the job well and do it well, and we will never be big enough that the customer is not our first priority. 

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Clothing labels with logos: Design your own labels 

Is custom fashion design your hobby?Make your designs more attractive by labeling your items with the logo of the clothing label.Your custom clothing with clothing labels by you.Can you imagine?Design them with our configurator! 

This is the perfect solution for your search with your own logo clothing tag.Create your own logo for your custom clothing design.The label with your own logo is sewn on the width of the label to 25 mm.Logos and words are woven into rolls.We offer high quality taffeta woven labels in different colours, they are waxy and do not fade.  In addition,our clothing labels and logos do not stick to the skin.It was enjoyable. 

The label is OEKO-Tex 100 certified and meets the highest standards.Instead of sharp edges that irritate the skin, the edges are self-woven and feel soft.Safety and quality are very important to us when it comes to our trademarks.Especially if you own your own bespoke clothing store. 

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What do you need to know before you start designing your label?

Now we have explained the manufacturing options for label types, but your design process is just as important to us!  If you really want to create a label that highlights and expresses your identity, there are a few elements you should focus on when creating your design:


Position for labels

Once you know what kind of label you want to create, you will need to decide where you want the label to be on your product.This position is important because it determines the attention of the tag. 

If your label only contains information for consumers, such as care instructions for clothing sizes, then you probably only want the label on the inside of the product.  However, if your tag is a brand tag, or even a personal logo, and you want people to see it, then put it in a place where it’s easy to see and eye-catching. 

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Content of customized woven tags

You may have a lot of ideas that you want to include in your label, but it is very important not to put too much detail on your label or it will become too complicated.  Common elements on the label are: clothing size (S, M, L, 10, 12, 14, etc.), year of establishment, care instructions, laundry symbol, product material (cotton, polyester, etc.), source of raw materials, slogans, subtitles, etc. 

If you try to include all of these elements in your tag it is impossible, so think carefully about the main elements you want to focus on.This will make your labels easy to understand and won’t confuse your customers!Again, depending on the size of the label, you may not be able to include both the logo and the brand name.  Think about what’s important to you and, if necessary, choose one, then you can create a clear, high-quality label for your product.

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Design your own clothing labels and logos 

It is very easy to design a label with a logo for your custom clothing design.With a few simple steps, you’ve put the label and logo together. 

Step 1.  Select the label width for your label less clothing store. 

Step 2 Select a marked vertical or landscape clothing label 

Step 3: Choose clothing labels with logos.Check out your custom clothing store or source of inspiration for custom clothing.Is your logo a fold-out label sewn in the middle or a clothing label sewn on the back ends? 

Step 4: Then upload your custom costume design logo.You can see the final result of the label with the logo of your custom clothing design in the figure below. 

Step 5: Enter the words you want to see on the clothing label and your logo. 

Step 6: Select any wax marks you want to add.Fewer clothing store labels are more attractive with the right wax mark.Take a look at your options and make a decision to make your clothing label more attractive with a logo for your custom clothing 

Step 7: Select the color of the background 

Step 8: Select the color of the text.One tip: Remember the background color you chose! 

Once you have completed these steps, you will have successfully created your own clothing label with the logo.Get the job done! 

Now the only thing you need to do is indicate how many custom clothing labels you want to order.Your advantage is that you can order in small quantities.For woven labels,we have not MOQ.

Remember: the greater the number of labels, the greater the discount.How nice! In addition, you benefit from fast transport times.Within 7-10 working days, we can send your clothing label and logo! 

fabric labels personalized

Create your own brand with clothing labels that you design with your own logo 

A clothing label with your own logo is a very good asset to your own creations.  Especially if you have your own custom clothing design shop.Give your products personality so that everyone will recognize your clothing label and your own logo.As a fashion designer, or if you have a hobby, such as sewing, crochet, knitting or handmade, you can sew with your own brand.Such as: 

Homemade bag that provides a beautiful clothing tag with your own logo. 

A clothing label with your own logo for custom clothing design. 

Interior accessories such as upholstered cushions and gingham 

Homemade children’s clothing, cute toys or other baby and baby products 

Attention!  Lurex yarn feels harder than polyester yarn. 

There are plenty of opportunities to do interesting things with your logo.Do you have your own custom clothing store?Or do you sell your products through your own blog, online store, or other platforms?  Then design your own label and logo.Using them as creative works of “tag making”, they can add a stylish and unique look.Just take the steps through our configurator to give your DIY products a professional brand look with our textile labels with your own design or try ironing labels.A label with your own logo will ensure that your product is recognized and more valuable.

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 Labels for apparel and other products

We offer a full range of labels for apparel and other products, including custom printed fabric labels, woven labels, ironed labels, sticker labels and hang and leg labels (pressure sensitive labels).We are particularly proud that the label is made from four types of cotton and is open at the end to prevent wear and tear. 

Labels are a key part of selling a product and create a lasting connection with consumers for future sales.Whether it’s a big hang tag with a company logo, detailed information that provides overall information about the product, or a small fabric label with facts about the composition of the product required by law, labels and labels are important.We take our work seriously because it is serious to our customers. 

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What does a customized brand label mean for your brand? 

Custom brand labels give your product a clear identity, defining it from other products available on the market.  Brand identity is the most important consideration when designing a product.Who are you?What do you do?What is your business spirit?  Who is your target audience?The answers to these questions can be expressed in your customized brand identity and description. 

Your brand identity will convince consumers that your product is what they want.  The best way to visually express your brand identity is to use the brand label.  Products without brand labels often look amateurish and unprofessional.Deciding to use custom brand tags can be of great benefit to your brand as they help you stand out from the crowd and make your product easy to identify. 


 Woven label personalized design for your own producs/brand.

Woven labels are the most common type of label used for clothing and clothing because the thin threads used allow more detail to be contained in the words and patterns on the labels.Woven labels should be highly dense and contain high quality yarns.They are very popular because of their cost value!Damask woven label is the most common type of woven label. 

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The advantages of woven label

Your labels will not fade: Our labels are durable due to the high quality materials we use.The color of the line won’t fade and your label will look like new for a long time! 

Textured products: Sometimes you may have an idea of how you want a product to look, but you don’t want to change some elements, such as the color or wording.  This is where tags come in handy, because they allow you to retain the original design while adding another layer of texture, creating a unique effect that no other product can achieve. 

High-end, professional look: Labels are an easy and economical way to create a very professional look.  By labeling, your product will look high-end and increase its value. 

However, it may not be suitable for all styles: for example, few people put woven labels on silk products. 

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Folding types are commonly found in woven labels.

Straight Cut Labels: These labels lie flat on your product, creating a sharp, crisp edge.They are usually used as size labels or brand labels on the inner collars of clothing. 

End Fold Label: This is like a flat label, but features an extra 7mm seam allowance added to both edges, creating a clean surface and making the label even more declarable. 

Center fold labels: Labels are sealed at the top and bottom and then folded from the center.This gives you room to add additional information on the label, such as care instructions, laundry symbols, the country of production or the type of material used to make the product. 

Book folds (hem folds): These are similar to center folds, but the seams fold inwards.  They are usually put on the sleeve.Book folding labels are very popular because they are the easiest labels to attach to ready-made clothing.If you wish, your logo can be seen on both sides of the label, or you can even put a different logo on both sides.  This is great for advertising or trying to get more people to notice your logo.If you want to know more about this option, please let us know! 

Mitre Fold tags – The ends of these features have been flipped and are pointing up at a 90° Angle.This is a less common option; However, it makes it easy to put your product on the label if you wish!However, only do this if your product is light weight, otherwise it can cause label tearing.Skewfold labels can sometimes cause discomfort to sensitive skin because they accentuate and rub against all types of labels.

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