2021 clothing market situation:The ideas of design for clothing,clothing labels for you

Clothing labels for you

There was a hot topic “adults trying on Uniqlo children’s clothing “.This practice was banned because the clothes were deformed and affected sales.Then short styles became popular in the clothing market.

How to stand out from the crowd when it’s just plain?This is due to the sew on tags.For example, short vest, in addition to the conventional brand tags for clothing and size label at the back of the collar, you can also add a custom sew on labels under the front, which makes the clothes not monotonous but also adds a sense of design. And make your own clothing label/tag makes the garment more meaningful because of the clothing labels for you.The element of irregular bottom is also popular in the clothing market this year. We can also make use of woven labels to do the cutesy bottom for clothing.

The styles in the market are always dazzling. Instead of spending a lot of money to keep up with the fashion, why don’t we DIY ourselves? Why not take advantage of the T-shirt you have already purchased?As a clothing label maker, I really want to show you how useful a small label can be.You can design anything you want, such as your T-shirt and your pants.

clothing labels for you

You are your own clothing designer!

label makers for clothesClothing labels for you

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