Uses QR codes on the clothing labels to tell clothes’ backstory[2021.6.21]

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In recent news, Los Angeles-based clothing recycling startup AmberCycle is turning those itchy white care labels on your T-shirt into an online portal detailing where and how your clothes are made.

Know where and how the clothes you buy are made.  It’s very difficult for the buyer.  But if a QR code is printed on the clothing label, we can easily get more detailed information.  Each garment has its own code and is unique.  Just like each of us has our own identity ID.

Avery Dennison offers clothing manufacturers an online set of tools to digitise old processes.  How is the shirt made?  Where did the cloth come from?  The company isn’t hiding anything — or at least that’s the idea behind the pilot.

Get your hands on custom labels that are designed to help the brand tell a “clothing story.”

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