Common knowledge of reflective yarns

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the attention to safety has also been enhanced. Reflective yarn material has been known by more and more people, and the general public has also realized that reflective material is useful to everyone.

Single-sided reflective gauze can be sewn on clothing, backpacks, hats, socks, shoes, gloves, cloth, the reflective effect is very good, warning, and waterproof and not easy aging, can play a strong role in safety warning. Reflective yarns provide effective and reliable safety at night and in areas with poor vision. The safety protective articles made of reflective yarn can produce a strong reflective effect under a certain light source, and provide effective and reliable safety protection for pedestrians or nighttime workers in the dark, so as to avoid accidents and reduce casualties. 

In addition, reflective yarn has good aging resistance, friction resistance and washing resistance, can be washed with water, industrial washing or dry cleaning.

What are the reflective materials: reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective cloth, reflective top posts, elastic reflective cloth, reflective silk, reflective strip, reflective ribbon, reflective hot stamping, reflective yarn, reflective transfer printing products.


KSTHL also makes clothing labels made of reflective yarn, which can be sewn somewhere on the back or shoulder of a garment so that you can see the light on your clothes when you walk on the road at night. This material is now used by many people, if you happen to have this idea, you can find us to customize the label, as long as you send us a complete design drawing and tell us the size and quantity, we will give you a reasonable quotation.

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