COVID-19 LIVE updates: Trump’s path to recovery, China revises figures upwards

Donald Trump has given US state governors a road map for economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, laying out a gradual approach to restoring activity.

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The new guidelines envisage easing restrictions in areas that have low transmissions of COVID-19, while keeping tough measures in place in harder-hit areas
It represents a more cautious approach from the US President, who until recently had been advocating a swift reopening of the economy.
China has revised sharply upwards the number of deaths from coronavirus. In Wuhan alone, the figure has shot up by 50%. It brings the nationwide total to 4,632.
The UK government will extend its coronavirus lockdown for at least three more weeks.
Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa also officially extended his country’s lockdown until early May.
A number of European countries have laid out plans to ease their containment measures.
Air pollution in European cities has plummeted due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Brazil’s health minister says has been fired by President Jair Bolsonaro, after a dispute over social distancing

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