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What fabric are labels made of?

Woven labels are woven from polyester thread on a loom to present the design and information you want.  Woven labels are usually composed of two main materials, these are: polyester and cotton. 

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What should be on a clothing label?

Custom clothing labels must include brand, size and country of origin information.  For packaged products, a custom clothing label must be printed on the package. 

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How do you attach price tags to clothes?

Pass the label sticker needle through the hole in the price tag.  Insert the needle completely through the garment and squeeze the trigger handle.Pull the needle out of the garment.The barbs will be stuck in the fabric and the label will hang at the front. 

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What needs to be on a shirt tag?

No doubt you’ll need to write your brand and size for each item on your label, but the rest is up to you.

Brand or company name….

The size…

Fabric material.  …

Instructions for washing or care….

RN #…

Origin of manufacture. 

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Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?

Is it legal to re-label with your own brand when you buy wholesale from another company?Yes, it’s legal up to a point.However, there are strict guidelines governing the practice. 

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Frequently asked Questions about sewing labels?

We know that making labels for sewing pieces can feel a little overwhelming.Where do you start?At Name Maker, we can easily customize your sewing labels to get the look you want.Read on for information about ordering custom sewing labels from KSTHL Labels, and be sure to check out our help center for more information. 

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Is the woven sewing label nice?

Absolutely!Woven sewing labels are affordable and usually feel quite soft.They come in a variety of colors and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.No matter how many times you wash it, the logo or letters never change. 

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Custom shirt label removal and printing

Want to make your shirt look different with a custom clothing label and shirt label?  We can easily help you remove the label on the manufacturer’s seam and replace it in the printed color design on the shirt inside the custom label.Please note that some brands have better label removal. 

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t shirt label manufacturers

Design custom T-shirts online.Woven label no moQ free shipping anywhere in China!  Amazing service.Fast delivery.Money back guarantee.Unique custom clip art. 

Styles: T-shirts, hoodies, vests, polo shirts, sweatshirts. 

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 Can you relabel a shirt?

You absolutely can.  All you have to do is re-label the T-shirt with the same message.  You can replace the manufacturer’s brand name and logo with your own, but must use your own RN number or leave the RN number unchanged.

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 How many sewing labels do I need?

It depends on your sales level and budget.  Many suppliers offer low cost, but have a large minimum purchase volume.  At KSTHL Labels, we strive to provide our customers with low brand purchases, giving small businesses the ability to build their brands and sales without breaking the bank. 

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 t-shirt tags wholesale

We offer you the best range of T-shirt tags, woven tag customizable, clothing tags, clothing brand tags, T-shirt tags and tags, and provide effective and timely delivery. 

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 t-shirt tag template

Don’t underestimate the label design inside the T-shirt, it will make your brand unique.We have many products to inspire your design. 

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 What are neck tags?

A neckline label contains information about the garment, which is located inside and behind the garment, surrounding the neck area.These labels can be printed (pad printing, heat transfer, or screen printing) or stitched onto the label for application to the neck area. 

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 What is heat transfer label?

A transfer label is a special type of decoration that is transferred from a carrier (transfer paper or foil) to an object by heat, pressure and/or adhesive.The carrier holds a release layer specific to the printing process and the type of product to be decorated. 

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 What should a hang tag say?

Basically, your tags should draw attention, tell a story and show an image.  It should build brand recognition once customers see your tag;  They associate their image with your product.

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 Where do hang tags go?

The tools we use to hang tags can leave a small hole in the garment, so it’s best to put it on the tag or through the seam in the collar or armpit.For sweatshirts, jackets or other long-sleeved garments, we put them in the collar tag, under the armpits or at the bottom of the cuffs. 

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What is label size in clothes?

Labels are all about expressing a unique identity and making the product stand out from the crowd.  Brand labels are great for companies that want to express brand identity.Standard label sizes usually vary from 20mm-70mm, depending on your needs. 

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Make an impression with a unique shirt

Customize our T-shirts with your own design or use one of our templates to create your perfect look. 

First, choose the best T-shirt style or color for your event.When you’ve decided on the type of shirt you want, start customizing or uploading your own from our wide range of designs.You will be able to preview your T-shirt design and make any final adjustments before ordering. 

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How do I wash my T-shirt?

When washing shirts, turn them inside out and machine wash them cold.Use chlorine-free beaches and do not dry.To keep your T-shirts looking their best, don’t iron the embellished area.

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