Damsk labels VS Satin labels

Damask woven labels: woven labels such as cloth structure, once a simple weft and up and down interwoven into the called simple damask. Generally speaking, the warp is fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white flat, light color background standard, generally white flat, dark generally black flat. The pattern and color of the cloth mark are mainly expressed by the weft, and the color expressed will be different from the effect of the warp cross. Due to the limitations of weft types used in general machines, the colors that can be expressed are also limited, generally within 12 kinds. From the above, the price factors are: the width of the cloth mark, that is, the amount of warp used; The length of the cloth label, and the length of each color along the longitude. In order to express detail and color more abundantly, the weft is doubled, called double-sided mark, if a color needs to be more three-dimensional, add another yarn, called heavy shuttle. In addition to washing and size, most of the plane double-sided labeling. Cloth labels are all yarn to express patterns, which must be different from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make large goods without sample confirmation.

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Satin labels: cloth is made of intersecting warp and weft. In addition to improving the quality by doubling the weft, there is also the process of doubling the warp. This process is called satin structure. By doubling the warp, the fabric becomes soft and smooth. Because after doubling the warp, the density was too high, the weft could not express the pattern well, and the underside color could not be made very flexible. Certain color requirements can only be shown through the post-processing. A machine set to do flat or satin, is generally relatively.

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Fixed. The width of trimmed satin should not exceed 10CM, and the width of woven satin should not exceed 5.0cm.

Other woven labels: such as size labels, waist labels, main labels,washing labels,woven patches,woven tape etc., are all distinguished according to the use of the products.

The price of woven labels: the price of woven labels is based on the material, the quantity of color (that is, the type of color), the specification and the process.

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