Design a labels in 8 steps

How to design your own labels from scratch

In the face of thousands of competitors, how will you convince your customers to choose your product? You definitely want an attractive label, but let’s say you’re a small up-and-coming company and don’t have enough money to hire a professional designer. You might want to know what software to use, how to choose the right color or font, what information to display, or any one of many decisions about creating a label.

Design your labels

First, if you don’t have formal design training or experience, you probably won’t come up with a label of the same quality as one created by a professional graphic designer. Before deciding to start your own brand, do some research with local designers to find out how much they charge for their designs. It’s important to remember that designers do a very professional job, so pay them fairly! If their offer doesn’t fit your budget, don’t try to haggle to get a lower price.

Or, if you already have a vision for how your tag should look, but aren’t familiar with making it a tool for life, your tag now offers design services.

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Design a labels in 8 steps 7

Here are 8 best tips for creating the perfect product label design.

Step1: Research

Before you start designing, even through sketches, you must do proper research.

When researching product labels, you first need to know who your product istargeting — their age, gender, values, education, etc. — which are important information to help you make design decisions.

In addition to know your target market, you should also study as many competing products/brands as possible.

It will help you avoid designing a label that is too close to competing products; Second, it will let you know what kind of design to create to appeal to this group.

Step2: Create your brand

How do I make a label? – But here’s a question you should ask yourself first:

What is your brand?

Defining your brand image is critical to the look and feel of your product. Figuring it out will help you decide on colors, fonts, images, and materials.

Start thinking about how to make your brand unique. What kind of tone do you want your product to convey? Is it fun or serious? Bold or slow?

Think about what lifestyle do you want to promote with your brand? What kind of people would want to buy your product. A lot of thought and research into your brand identity will help you determine the basic look of your brand.

The most important things you need to know from customers are:

Does the product have a pre-existing logo design? – It’s important to find out.

If you need to design a logo for your product, then you need to take this into account when designing the price for the label.

Sometimes you can use a font as a product name instead of a full logo or symbol, but you should discuss this with the customer at the beginning of the project.

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Design a labels in 8 steps 8

Step3: Consider your color options

Choosing the right color is one of the most important aspects of designing a good product label.

The color you use depends on a number of factors, including the type of product you’re designing the label for, who the target consumer is, and the color used by competing brands.

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Design a labels in 8 steps 9

Step4: Choosing a font

A good rule of thumb is to choose two fonts. Design one font for presentation (e.g., product name) and another font for reading (e.g., ingredient list). The display font can have more characters to convey a vivid hue with your product. Reading fonts should be clearer and more practical.

You may need to choose more than one. Think about what captures your brand.

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Design a labels in 8 steps 10

Step5: What information do you need on your label

There are certain elements that clearly need to be highlighted on the label, namely the product name, tagline, and company logo.

Step6: Choose the right size

It is very important to choose the right size. First, we should know where the label you designed should be placed on the clothes. For example, if the label is placed at the neckline, the size of the collar label can be relatively small. Put in the middle of the clothes can choose the main labels,the main labels size can be a little bigger. Put on the side of the clothing can choose the center fold label.

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Design a labels in 8 steps 11

Step7: Find out what Materials will be used

This is crucial information that will inform the decisions you make when designing your label.

Before choosing the material, you should know what clothing label you design is to be used on.For example, if it is used on children’s clothes, the material must be soft, which can be pure cotton, so as not to hurt the skin. If it is used on other clothing, choose polyester .

Step8: Printing your labels

Now that your design is complete, it’s time to think about printing your label.

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