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About KSTHL sewing labels 

We have been producing high quality custom sewing labels for 15 years and you can be confident that you will find the right sewing label for your project.  We can personalize and print your name on our woven sewing labels or you can embroider or stamp onto our vintage labels.Make sure everyone knows about your creations by attaching our beautiful custom sewing labels to your projects.

How do you sew a label on a sewing machine?

Machine sewing – Simply place your pre-cut polyester seam label flat on your clothing.The sides are stitched small and tight.We have some photos on our sewing polyester page.Hand sew – use small, very tight stitches – if you must hand sew polyester labels.  

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 21

Why order custom fabric labels?

In the design and production of clothing, clothing label positioning is an important aspect of the production process. 

It’s not just where the label goes on the clothes that matters.The information contained in the label, such as caution labels and flammability information, is also important. 

Clothing labels are not new in clothing production, but they are worth considering.  It’s important to make sure you comply with local rules and laws, such as those issued by the Federal Trade Commission, and this simple guide will help you determine the information you need.In the meantime, we’ll tell you some other details that you should include to improve your customer service. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 22

Woven label

Customize your clothes and accessories with the best brocade labels available.Up to eight colors include the highest quality details. 

Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 23

Sewing labels

Personalized small batch sewing labels! Our sewing tags are perfect for adding a final touch to your creations or tags of clothing. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 24

Sewing labels on clothes

By far, most customers have sewn their fabric label onto their fabric.Woven labels are ideal for apparel and apparel, fashion accessories. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 25

Are you looking for iron-on clothing labels?

We are pleased to offer you one of the largest personalized ironing labels on the web. 

Because our personalized ironing clothing tags are easy to apply to clothing, they are ideal name tags for children’s clothing.If you need durable clothing labels so the nursing home can track your loved one’s belongings while doing the laundry, our ironing labels can withstand any washing-machine punch.Our attractive woven and satin ironed fabric labels are also suitable for handmade goods, as well as small businesses that need an elegant and professional looking label to raise brand awareness. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 26

Sewing labels for quilts

We all know how important it is to protect quilts so they can be passed down from generation to generation.Keep a quilt safe from the best places to save it with tips on how to save a quilt to be handed down in your family. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 27

Personalized sewing labels for clothing

Our clothing sewing labels are a timeless choice. Whether you’ve designed your own clothing line or need to sew a label on your clothes for ownership, we have something for you.Personalized fabric labels or labels attached to handmade items or accessories are a fascinating statement of unique qualities.You may have a small company that wants to add the perfect professional touch.Our wide range of custom labeled clothing, knitting items, and crochet items are what you’re looking for. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 28

Label attaching sewing machine

There are many kinds of labeling machines that can make self-adhesive labels or self-adhesive stickers, print directly, or make labels.It can be hand-held or manual. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 29

The advantages of woven label sewing

There are many benefits to having a personalized clothing label!  Brand recognition is an important factor.Creating a brand story is important when considering which custom woven clothing brands are appropriate for your creations.Think about what you’ll do with them, where and how they’ll connect, and what other branded materials you might need. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 30

 Handmade labels for sewing

We are all familiar with the joys of making handmade goods.We love to knit, crochet and quilting, and add our finishing touches with custom fabric labels.Our various personalized labels will give you unique creations and craft polishing finishes.  Whether you want to add a “made by” or “handmade” label to your work or other homemade projects, our fabric labels are perfect. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 31

 Whether you need a label for handmade items?

Whether you need a label for washing instructions, personal information, brand, contact information, or just to put your name on an item of clothing, Clothing label by Sterling is your source for clothing, apparel, textiles, and name labels.You’ll find woven and printed labels.Both are durable and washerproof, and can customize your name, contact and business information, even your logo.  

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 32

 Woven label

There are different levels of customization for woven labels, starting with a basic woven name label, then a woven designer label that offers more options, and finally a fully customizable custom woven label.

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 33

 Label shop

What options do I have?  When considering what to order, consider which products fit into your brand plan.  Maybe you need to iron the labels on your clothes to make them easier to attach.  Or maybe you need to sew some delicate finished product on your clothing label.  That’s the beauty of custom labels, which you can design to suit your needs.  Keep in mind that the usual combination of labels for clothing is to achieve the desired effect. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 34

 Garment labels

Our personalized clothing labels are the most beautiful, high quality, quality woven labels.  This is because they are made from the top 

Range materials such as Damascus.  Custom clothing labels will last your clothes, and of course, they look great. 

In addition, woven clothing labels offer many additional options such as different shapes, colors, details and frames.  Design and buy yours 

Woven label online now with our clothing label manufacturer.  Look at the custom fabric label and clothing label options available now. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 35

 Which Labels Do I Need?

With so many labels to choose from, you can be forgiven for feeling a little confused!  Do you need a brand label, laundry label, or “make” label?  Let’s unmask the different types of labels you see on clothes to help you choose your clothes. 

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 Label maker for clothing

In general, textiles and clothing products for sale must carry some important information, including the fibre content, the country of origin, the identity of the manufacturer or distributor, and instructions on what to do.Labels containing care instructions must be permanently affixed to items.While labeling requirements do not apply until the product is ready to be sold to the end user, it is important to note that THE US Customs and Border Protection may have different regulations, and the production of labeling information in the import clearance process of goods may be a determining factor.If the goods are shipped during the intermediate stage of manufacturing, an invoice with the above information must be attached to the goods.  Care labels must state what is routine care and what is required for the common use of the product. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 37

 Print labels

Printed labels are often used for clothing and apparel, but it can also be used for accessories, footwear, furniture, and other brands and information that require custom printed labels.Custom print labels are universal and we can print on many different substrates. 

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 38

 Large clothing labels

Large personalized ironing labels make your child’s clothes after sports, holidays or school.

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Design & Order SEWING labels for CLOTHES 39

 Label stickers for clothes

These stickers don’t just apply to labels, they apply to lunch boxes, stuffed animals, and anything a child brings to school. 

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