Why are DIY clothes so popular in these two years?

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In February, Harry Styles wore a JW Anderson patchwork knit sweater during rehearsals on the Today show. There was nothing special about the sweater, but it sparked something in the hearts of the audience — in isolation, everyone decided to make their own DIY clothes and share the process.

What’s popular is not to do it by yourself, but to have a handmade sense of clothing.  High-end designers have seized on this, creating works that seem accidental but are by no means accidental.

The great thing about making things by hand is that the finished product is unique.  We have always appreciated the unique.  For example, we can sew old souvenir patches on clothes and bags.  It’s not just sustainable, it’s emotional.

DIY, we don’t make clothes for the sake of clothes, we upgrade the finished products that we already have.

DIY clothes

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