DIY Guide–Woven Patches On a Jacket

How to put patches on a jacket?

Denim jackets are great for patches. The cotton is strong enough to withstand ironing and easy to sew by hand. You can also apply patches to other jackets and the process is the same. The steps to apply the patch to the jacket may include ironing and sewing. While you don’t need to sew the irons on the patch, sewing them on will ensure they stick together in the long run. For non-sticky patches, you can skip the ironing step.

Step1: Iron on patches

Iron patch is fairly simple to use. Follow the instructions on the patch. Some of the underlay is peeling, and some can be ironed on.

How to iron on patches

1. Check the label to see if the clothes you’re making can be ironed. Cotton or polyester blends can withstand high temperatures. Avoid ironing nylon, rayon, leather, or vinyl, as these can burn or melt.

Preheat iron to at least 370 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be the highest setting on the device. Do not use steam Settings.

4. Press the hot iron on the press cloth to heat up the cloth and put the patch in the desired position.

5. Press the iron completely onto the patch and push it down without moving the iron. Moving the iron will move the patch, soiling the adhesive. Hold the iron in the same position and press for at least 60 seconds. If you use these directions on how to hot iron the patch, then you can keep it shorter.

6. Test the edge of the patch to make sure it is firmly in place. If loose, iron again with the iron.

Step2: Hand sew patches

Hand mending requires a needle and thread. First, place the patch where you want it, pin it in place and keep the patch stable. Next, do a basic running stitch on the edge of the patch. Here’s a tutorial on running needles. If your jacket and patch are thick, you may need to pull the needle all the way through the back of the jacket and back through the front. However, this method is not very efficient, the hand sewing will be very painful, if the jacket is thick you need a lot of strength to do it.

Woven Patches On a Jacket
DIY Guide--Woven Patches On a Jacket 3

How to patches with Velcro?

Velcro is another popular method of attaching pieces to clothing. All you need is a patch of Velcro. You have to cut the tape into the shape of a patch first. Now peel off the Velcro lining and glue the tape to the fabric. Press the Velcro by hand to make it firm.

Woven Patches On a Jacket 2
DIY Guide--Woven Patches On a Jacket 4

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