Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts

Why are embroidered patches perfect for making special gifts?Because the original gift feels more homey, the customized one can highlight the intimate relationship.  There’s nothing more heartfelt than a personalized gift.

Often it takes a lot of thought to find a unique gift for someone we care about.Dolls, flowers and gift cards are always our priorities.But at the same time, there’s nothing new about it. 

Embroidery patches, on the other hand, are guaranteed to make gifts special.They automatically show that you put a lot of thought into the gift, and the person you respect will feel that you cared about getting something special for them. 

Patches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to gift-giving, but they can be great gifts for everyone in your life.Read on to find out why embroidered patches are perfect for special gifts. 

It makes the gift unique

Whether you send a patch or sew it on to something else, embroidered patches make your gift special. 

First, you don’t have to buy a patch in stock in a store.You can also design your own patches to suit your personal vision or ideas.Isn’t it cuter to use your friend’s favorite colors and patterns to make patches?Or to make it simpler, patch your friend’s name. 

Does your friend like to travel?You can also make a patch for each city they’ve visited to commemorate their different trips. 

The possibilities are endless.

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You can customize anything 

In addition to being able to customize embroidery patches, you can also use patches to make regular gifts more fun.

For example, make a special cloth to him/her. 

If you’re willing to spend a little more time, you can make a mass-produced garment unique by sewing custom patches on it.Of course, it could be a pair of jeans, a baseball cap or a bag.Can make your gift look more tasteful. 

An embroidered patch can turn even the most basic item into a customized gift for one person.

This will take your gift to the next level!

Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 11

Embroidered patches are very popular 

By now, you may not believe that patches are good gifts.You wonder if such customized gifts are still being used. 

It’s a good question, but no reason to worry. 

Indeed, patches have been out of fashion for a while.But now embroidery patches are back in fashion.Designers have even used them in whole new collections. 

Once a style hits the catwalk, it’s only a matter of time before we see them on the street in general.That is to say, we use patches on products, sooner or later will be ahead of the fashion trend. 

You are the person who helps your friend become a leader in street style.

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Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 12

 Patches show personality 

Because the patches are custom made and make an obvious fashion statement, they’re the perfect gift for those who want to incorporate their personality into their clothes. 

Sewing lots of patches on a denim jacket can actually say a lot about what a person really cares about.Anything from volleyball to flags can represent what that person likes. 

The type of patches also says something about the personality of the type of person wearing them.You can choose bright, bold patches for bubbly people or softer patches for quieter people. 

Whatever you choose, you know that the gift you’re giving will reflect the person’s personality, not just something picked out of a store bin. 

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Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 13

They build relationships 

When you give a very personal gift, you show that you have established a genuine connection with your friend, significant other or family member.Not only did you take the time to get to know them, but you incorporated that knowledge into a special gift for them. 

Think about the last time you received a gift that someone put a lot of thought into.  It might make you feel special and cared for.If you got a lot of presents that day, like a birthday or a holiday, which one do you remember? 

You’re more likely to remember the personalized gifts, and they may still give you a pleasant feeling when you think about them later. 

Embroidered patches can inspire that warm, fuzzy feeling in others.They can help you build or deepen relationships. 

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Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 14

Work in any situation 

Some holidays seem to carry certain gifts.For example, flowers and chocolates to your partner for Valentine’s Day, and tie and thermos for Father’s Day. 

No matter why you’re giving a gift, embroidered patches are really good for any occasion.You can send it for birthdays or holidays. 

Patches are also a great gift if you just want to surprise a friend.  

If you give a patch on an important holiday, you’ll be able to avoid a gift that almost everyone will buy.Because even others choose customized patches as gifts as you do.  The design pattern and style are also different.

Since the patch is customizable, you can give a different design at a later date – still have a unique gift! 

Whenever you give a customized gift, you show the other person that you really care about them.Seeing someone else go the extra mile to find something special is sure to make anyone feel good. 

Most of us give gifts because it makes us happy.It’s great to see the smile on someone’s face when they open something they really like, or to see someone use our gift after we’ve given it. 

Giving away patches made especially for people you care about is a great way to show them how much they mean to you.They think of you every time they put it on. 

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Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 15

How to make custom embroidery patch?

With all that said,how do you customize patches?It is so easy.

Step1:Provide your design artwork to us.

Step2:Send the details of it,such as size,edge and backing.

We’ll take care of the rest.

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Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 16

What is edge of embroidery patch?

Don’t know the edge of embroidery badge?Don’t worry.We explain it.

It is divided into laser cutting and overlock.Laser cutting is suitable for a bit more complex shapes, of course, simple shapes can also choose laser cutting.And the merrow border is only suitable for simple shapes, too complex shape edge corners do not do well. 

Embroidered Patches for Making Gifts 17

What is backing of patch?

It is divided into paper on backing,iron on backing and velcro on backing, Iron on backing is the most common.

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