Embroidery badge,also known as embroidery labels, English translation is: embroidery patch.

Different from traditional embroidery is easier to match clothing,and the finished clothing can also use embroidery label to paste to achieve the effect.Based on the traditional embroidery due to the complex process production speed, high price, clothing processing single improvement, more easy to close to the company’s clothing LOGO, clothing labels and other usage.

Embroider the appearance of patches,benefit because of the styles of clothin,and the trouble that the minimum order quantity place that does not reach production again brings, do not need transportation of whole batch garment cut piece to factory to process in transportation respect, also save the expenditure of freight greatly.

Different from traditional embroidery craft, embroidered patches more convenient in mass production, the traditional craft embroidery in the process of production, every bed of cargo depends on the positioning, cutting piece and embroidered patches cuttings without the constraints of the restrictions, such as in the form of a copy in the limit of the bottom of the typesetting on cloth embroidered badges number, in order to achieve the maximization of production.

Embroidery badges can be divided into two types: non-blue embroidery badge and with glue embroidery badges(Iron on backing or paper on backing). On the basis of traditional computer embroidery, the embroidery is cut or heated into embroidery block, and the back is compounded with hot melt and hot glue, and the production of embroidery badges is basically completed.

1: Paper on backing embroidery pathes, the edge part of the embroidery patches can be fixed in the position required by the dress by the method of sewing.

2: Iron on backing embroider patches, fix the embroider seal in the required position of the clothing, and then heat it with a pressing machine or iron until the glue melts with the clothing fabric.

Iron on backing embroidered badges in the wash water or normal washing is not easy to fall off. Such as in repeated washing after falling off the additional gum re pressing compound can be.

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