Everything About Organic Cotton Labels

Cotton labels

During this period of time, many customers are asking me about natural clothing labels made of environmental protection materials. So I’m going to tell you about it today:

High-tech printing and labelling ensures that our eco-label is indeed made up of natural organic flat cotton and does not break the promise to your customer base or, on a larger level, to live green. In addition to the use of organic cotton printing labels, we can also use woven satin, polyester twill satin, polyester satin, nylon and other materials to make durable labels that will not fade or wear out easily when washing.

Everything About Organic Cotton Labels 3

Printed cotton labels

Our printed cotton labels are super soft and highly detailed – a subtle, organic style that welcomes any garment! We offer 100% natural printed cotton labels in either soft white or natural. These labels are lighter than woven labels and are usually used for lighter clothing. If you want to produce environmentally friendly products, our cotton labels are a good choice as they are 100% natural.

Woven or print organic cotton labels?

Does your logo have tiny words, thin lines, or lots of details? Then we recommend the choice of printed labels. A logo with bold letters looks like a woven label.

Want a colorful background, not natural or white? Choose woven label, the background color is full, the label feels soft. Organic cotton is a natural material and cannot completely cover the printed background. For printed labels, we recommend printing only the logo and not the background.

What do cotton clothing labels look like?

Cotton print clothing labels have a soft, non-reflective appearance. When magnified, cotton fibers are made up of many smaller fibers. Each fiber is twisted to make cotton look different and easily distinguishable from other types of materials. Compared with other synthetic fibers, cotton fibers are considered loosely woven fibers. Cotton is dyed with a variety of dyes, including VAT dyes, modern synthetic reactive dyes and direct dyes. 
So, if your clothing or accessories are going to be dyed, then you can decide to sew on your cotton clothing label before dyeing, and the label will appear the same color as the clothing. Otherwise, you would dye the fabric first and then label it. 

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Cotton size labels

Size labels add important information to each piece of clothing. We offer size labels for the most common color schemes, white/black and black/white, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, sizes 2T or 7/8 and so on are unlimited, the size above can be changed at any time.

Small size labels for clothing or other items; They are machine-washable and the ink stains do not fade. They’re printed on a very fine type of cotton, so they get fluff on the edges, but they don’t wear out or fall apart. You can finish both sides with a wear check to make it look completely clean. They are pre-cut folding labels that you can fold and fit into the seam, leaving a 5/8-inch square label with the dimensions printed on the front.

Woven labels organic cotton

Suitable for bold fonts and big logos

Full surface background color possible

Limited color on stock

Printed labels organic cotton

Suitable for tiny, detailed letters and logos

Leave background unprinted

Logo print possible in all pantone colors

Size  labels organic cotton

All standard sizes on stock

Organic cotton background with black print

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