How to choose clothing labels for your baby’s clothes

The choice of baby supplies must be careful, a little careless will leave a safety risk. Especially clothes, direct contact with the baby’s delicate skin, more careful choice. The material of children’s clothing on the market, there are many styles, but the quality is uneven, some clothes are must not be worn to the baby. In addition to clothes, we should also pay attention to whether the label on the clothes will harm the baby’s skin.

In the material of the clothes: pure cotton clothes have better breathability, moisture absorption, and is not easy to cause allergies, in addition, pure cotton is not easy to static electricity, not easy to absorb fine dust. But not all cotton is good, and not all synthetic fibers are bad. The disadvantage of pure cotton clothing is poor elasticity, easy to shrink, deformation. Some synthetic fabrics, or cotton-fiber blends, can be worn as long as they meet safety standards.


The most reliable way to judge and choose the material is the label on the clothes. Because the position of the collar mark is special, it may make the baby uncomfortable. Some businesses will put the collar mark on the baby’s clothes outside to prevent the rubbing of the baby’s skin. We generally recommend cotton labels on baby’s clothes, because cotton labels are softer and won’t hurt the skin.


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