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How to distinguish woven label and print label

Print label: printing is a very sophisticated processing technology, is generally used to compare the high-end clothing textiles, also suitable for large quantities of high quality paper printing, print label of the woven label is exquisite and smooth, look from the visual Angle of it will be more beautiful than woven label trademarks, woven label printing and plate making cost is very low at the same time, can be applicable medium printing many: such as: Plastic, cloth, glass, PVC material, paper, etc.


Woven label: Woven label is to express the pattern through yarn, and the principle of its production process is the same as that of weaving. At the same time, the woven label is easy to deviate from the design of woven label. One of the requirements of all customized woven label is to first produce a small sample before ordering mass.

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