How to make custom embroidery patches?

Have you ever wondered why embroidery badges are widely used?Why is it so popular? How to make custom embroidery chapter

This article will answer your questions. 

The use of personal embroidered patch is an artistic act to share one’s thoughts.  They are widely used in hats, bags and jackets.Custom embroidered badges are a creative way to show off your interest and hands-on skills, even your talent. 

Our factory has decades of professional experience, can provide you with very good quality products and in place service.Each file is manually digitized and tested;  These are not mediocre results produced by automated software processes. 

Customizing embroidered seals is easy.As long as you provide the complete design drawing and inform the requirements of subsequent processing, we will match the color to make the sample according to your design drawing.It doesn’t matter if the design is incomplete, we will do our best to improve the design.Because the workshop needs to make samples according to the design drawing. 

Embroidery chapter

Embroidery chapter
How to make custom embroidery patches? 2

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