How to make embroidery patch?

Is there anything cooler than making your own clothes with a needle and thread?  Probably not.When you first start working on it, there’s always a lot of fuss about making patches and different options. 

So why do we use patches instead of embroidering them directly on the clothes?  Take the denim jacket to be a example: 

1. If you want to embroider your design on a jacket, you don’t know where to start.  After all, you can’t take a pen and draw a figure on your clothes. 

2.It’s not easy for you to sew a beautiful flower on the coat with your bare hands. 

3. You need a lot of patience when trying to sew large pieces of clothing like coats.  After all, the size is large, and the clothes are not so obedient. 

So, you can customize the patch, which will take some time to complete, but it’s better than stitching a broken garment. 

What are the benefits of ordering a custom patch directly? 

1. It saves time and effort, and it can copy the design perfectly. 

2. Its post-processing can be Iron on, Sew on or Velcro on backing, with more options and more convenient operation. 

3. It can even change patches on clothes to suit your mood. 

By contrast, it is possible to achieve great things for a fraction of the cost.  When the patch is attached to the garment, the moment of beauty is produced. Are you sure you’re not going to try something so worthwhile? 

How to make embroidery patch? 2
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