How to put your own labels on clothes?

Here are 6 tips on how to label your clothes. 

How do you sew labels on clothes? 

There are two ways to sew labels on clothes: by hand or by machine, because of different techniques and different tools.Sew labels on shirts, T-shirts, dresses, trousers, coats, etc. 

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 8

Tip 1. Hand sew labels on clothes

For people with a lot of time and patience, hand sewing is a great option.  However, this is not suitable for a large number of clothing products label sewing, because it is time-consuming. 

A. How to manually sew a label folded on both sides 

The folded label cannot be bonded with adhesive.They must be sewn by hand or using a sewing machine. 

B. How to manually sew midfold labels 

Fasten the label in place with a pin, then sew the label on the hem of a T-shirt, neck, sleeve, pocket or anywhere else you want. 

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 9

Tip 2. How to sew labels on clothes with the sewing machine 

There are all kinds of cheap sewing machines as well as small household sewing machines.It’s easy to sew labels at home. 

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 10

Tip 3. How to attach fabric labels on clothes without sewing 

A lot of people ask us: how do you attach fabric to fabric without sewing?Or how to put a patch on a shirt without mending?Is that even possible? 

You can use fabric glue or double-sided hot-pressing tape to stick the fabric to the fabric without sewing. 

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 11

Tip 4.Iron on labels on clothes 

Ironing fabric labels are very practical and easy to use, and they’ll stick to your items. 

While it’s not necessary, you can mix the two methods by ironing them first and then sewing them in place.However, you must be careful to make sure your clothes are not made of heat-sensitive fabrics, or the heat from the iron can damage them. 

Ironing steps: 

Set the iron to cotton mode or set the temperature to medium. 

If necessary, remove the back of the label.Fix the label to the position you want.

Heat for 10 seconds, then set the iron aside and check the label, and do this multiple times until a firm bond is formed. 

Let it cool and wait at least 24 hours before washing and drying. 

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 12

Tip 5. Attach labels on clothes

They are also known as peel paste labels or self-adhesive labels, which have a thin film on the back that instantly sticks to any fabric surface. 

You don’t need an iron, just peel it off and stick it to your clothes. 

It’s a clever solution that helps parents easily distinguish between their children’s socks and underwear, which are usually washed together. 

The downside of this approach is that the attached labels end up in the washing machine. 

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 13

Tip 6. Plain substrate labels on clothes 

If your fabric doesn’t have any substrate, you can still attach your own label to the garment without needing to sew.For example, let’s talk about how to attach labels to hand-stitched quilts. 

From signing directly into a piece of white cotton sewn into the corner of a quilt,to printing or embroidering a pattern on a piece of fabric and using double-sided hot-pressing tape to hold it together.

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How to put your own labels on clothes? 14
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