How to sew clothing woven label?

Woven damask labels are mainly divided into two kinds: selvage and cutting. 

Selvage Fabric Label: 

When the required tag is indicated by the need for the width of the case, it is called a welt label.This process avoids many of the shortcomings of trimming, but the yield is low.It is also flat/satin and is characterized by a soft, stiff feel.It is more suitable for high clothing items, such as fashion, suits, etc., which is used by the Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality.The machine is also made in Japan.Edge markings are generally used as satin markings, but the satin background color is difficult to express, which is often solved by blanching/dyeing and other processes. 

Related machines generally have wooden shuttles, generally not more than four colors;There are crochet machine, can also weave a variety of craft quality, and can even add transparent polyester yarn in the warp yarn, known as fish crochet machine. 

The cost of the cloth label is not only the width, the total length of all colors, but also the variety of yarn used.JB series yarn is the international common cutting cloth standard: 

As the name suggests, in the special high-speed machine, like weaving a whole piece of cloth, and then cut into strips according to the width of the standard.  Because of the hot melting properties of polyester, the yarns stick to each other when cut and the edges do not come loose.It is also because of this reason, appearance and feel will be affected, good machine will be good, some, with ultrasonic cutting than ordinary electric knife will be better.The cloth label can be directly sorted out and sent to the garment factory for processing.If the requirements are strict, it is still necessary to cut and fold.Since the maximum width of this machine is 20.8cm, it means that the mark of this width can be woven, and various shapes can be machined 

According to the classification of technology can be divided into two categories: damask labels and satin labels. 

Damask labels:such as cloth structure, simple once a latitude up and down interwoven into a simple damask label.Generally speaking, the warp yarns are fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white, light background color standard, generally use white, dark generally use black.The pattern and color of the cloth label are mainly expressed by the weft, and the color expressed will be different from the effect of the warp cross.Because the general machine has the limitation of the type of weft, the color that can be expressed is also limited, generally within 8 kinds.  From the above, the price components are: the width of the cloth label, that is, the amount of warp yarn used;The length of the cloth label and the length of each color along the warp direction.In order to more richly express the details and colors, the weft are doubled, called double-sided standard, if a certain color needs more three-dimensional sense, and then add a heavy yarn, called heavy shuttle.In addition to washing and sizing, most of the flat double-sided label.The cloth labels are all yarns to express the pattern, which must be different from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make large goods without samples confirmation. 

Satin label, warp density is twice higher than the damask labels.The warp is thinner, so the fabric feel smooth, full of luster.The same color of the warp is fixed, usually black and white, called black satin or white satin.There are also special cases of warp dyed into other colors to weave, other parameters of the process with the damask labels.

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