How to use personalized labels

Since we offer so many different brand choices, the use of our personalized tags is endless. Using personalized sewing labels on clothing and handmade items is the perfect way to brand your product or show it’s handmade. But there are also many other reasons to create a personalized fabric label, custom non-stick labels, and even hang hang tags.

Personalized labels for kids

It’s very practical to use labels on children’s products! Use them for school supplies such as schoolbags and lunch boxes. They can also be used to label books and gifts. Personalized tags for kids mean no more searching in lost-and-found offices and schools!

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Personalized clothing labels

It goes almost without saying that personalized clothing brands have a huge impact on the use of brands. When you’re making clothing or household items, personalizing a handmade item creates brand identity, which is never a bad thing, but also makes the piece look better and more colorful

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Personalized quilt labels

As anyone who makes quilts knows, it’s tradition to label them with the name of the maker and the date of completion. Some even sew a personal letter. Wonderful Labels can help you create a durable and beautiful quilt label. Personalized quilt labels are the perfect finishing touch to a piece of art. The label on the quilt, we generally do the highest quality, so as not to stab the skin, give us a good sleep quality.

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Choose a manufacturer that is customized for your personalized clothing brand

From personalized ironed labels to leather labels to stickers, KSTHL we are confident to start serving you.

We want to help you realize your vision, whether you are an avid knitter or a professional designer. Please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team for advice and more information! Let’s start working together!

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Personalized  labels for clothing

There are many forms of labels, which can be distinguished according to label fabric structure, label function, label shape, etc. There are many different types of labels on clothing and fashion accessories. (Care & Content labels) and other types of labels are placed on clothing strictly for appearance or as identifying fashion brands.

One of the most common uses of clothing labels is to help fashion designers increase brand recognition. A clothing brand tag is usually placed somewhere inside the garment to identify the brand. Brand labels are also often placed outside clothes to make the brand easier to see.

Many customers ask about the difference between iron on Personalized labels and sewing labels.  They are actually the same label, but with different backgrounds.  Sewing type labels are common and have been used for a long time, but as the need for sewing techniques becomes less and less, more consumers are interested in iron on labels.

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Iron on Personalized labels  

This is a modern clothing label. They are exactly the same as the braided flat label, going through the same process as the other braided labels, but it has an additional backing – the iron backing. The iron back is a layer of plastic attached to the back of the label. The coating melts at high temperatures and sticks to the clothes like glue. This is how the iron on personalizes labels sticks to the clothes.

However, in order to secure the iron to the label, you need to make sure you’ve set the iron to (138°C to 152°C) and press it with pressure for 10-15 seconds. Temperature, pressure and time are key skills for attaching labels. If you do it right, the label should not come off, even in the washing machine, unless you do it intentionally.

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Sewing Personalized labels

Sewing is the traditional method of attaching labels to clothes. The main difference with ironing the label is that you need to sew the label around the hem, neck, or wherever you want to place the label. It can be stitched with a needle or a knitting machine.

Best of all, the label is glued to the garment with thread. In addition, you can choose a variety of folding methods of knitting labels, from tail folding, middle folding, book folding, can be sewn on the label can not be ironed, such as hem.

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