The use method of iron on backing woven patch

iron on backing woven patch

The products are mainly used to decorate the surface or to cover defects of textiles,such as clothes, shoes, hats, bags and bags.

Embroidered cloth can be ironed, sewn, or velcro on the surface of clothing, the most commonly used method is to iron the woven patch on the surface of clothing and other textiles.

[Usage] :

First, place the patch on the place you want them to be, with the hot glue side attached to the garment. Preheat the iron and press it from the front of the cloth for 15 seconds to hold the patch in place.

Second, the fixed position of the woven badge together with clothing (or other textiles) in turn, the temperature of the iron is controlled at 150 degrees, from the reverse iron for 15 seconds, woven badge can be firmly pasted in clothing (or other textiles).

Third,finally,iron the front for 1 minute, iron the edges and corners of the woven patch, so that the surface is smooth and smooth, and the clothes (or other textiles) perfectly fit together.

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