Labels in Sustainable Design

Details like labels are often overlooked when designers are designing new series of sustainable clothing.More and more customers are now interested in the use of sustainable materials. 

It is not common for short fiber organic cotton to be used as the basis for textile labels, as the technical requirements for woven labels are very high and only long fiber cotton is usually used.The printing process is used to overcome this barrier with single-color labels. 

High quality recycled polyester yarn has been a recognized component in the production of Dortex Labels for some time, initially in the Warp Flexinera product range, but is now also available in Dortex Colour Printed Fabric Care Labels and Satinera Ssatin Ribbon, made 100% in radiant, bright colors and RPET. 

These labels are resistant to light, wear and wash up to 60°C and are very durable.  Users can configure colors and color gradients with as many colors and color gradients as possible. 

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