Laser Cut Woven Labels

Laser cutting can cut different types of labels 

Laser cutting machine can cut different types of labels, such as woven labels, embroidered labels, printed labels, roll woven labels and so on.It can meet the needs of different brands, patches, badges and so on. 

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High quality laser cut braided labels 

If you are looking for high quality labels cut into custom shapes without any wear and tear, then our woven printed labels are a great choice.The advantage of the laser cutting process is that it can produce complex, irregular shapes to a strict specification.There is also no thread wear due to precise thermal cutting finish. 

Your customer’s first impression will have a powerful impact on laser cut labels.

Don’t let a box limit your creation!Use the laser-cut edges to shape the label into any shape. 

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What is a laser cut label? 

Laser cutting is a method used in label manufacturing.It allows people to have more than just a square design,because they can now control the edges and shapes of their labels. 

Laser cutting provides extreme precision and clean cutting,preventing wear and deformation from occurring.If you want to add depth to the label,consider laser-cut borders.

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Laser cut woven labels are made of high quality materials 

We used the highest quality thread made in Italy, very soft and thin, to produce a highly detailed woven image.This provides excellent image resolution.

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Cutting-edge technology 

We also laser cut your label into any desired shape, making it produced with perfectly sharp, heat-sealed edges.Finally, we can process laser-cut woven labels to have self-adhesive or ironed backing with a folding (or locking) edge to achieve a highly attractive, firm and neat effect.

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 Do you want your label to stand out? 

This tailoring method used to be used only in couture.Now, however, technology has caught up, making it more accessible to most manufacturers.From clothing brands to fashion design itself, you can now see a surge in the phenomenon of laser-cut boundaries. 

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Laser cutting provides additional detail. 

Laser cutting can be used for weaving and printing labels.  Laser cutting is a great way to strengthen your brand and show an additional complexity to the design.  The best part about laser cutting is that it has no limits.  We can customize basically any shape or design using laser cutting options.  Size is not a matter of laser cutting, either. 

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Laser cutting is not only suitable for weaving or printing clothing labels 

You can use laser cutting to complete almost any custom design project.  It is perfect for custom zipper pullers, embroidered and printed patches, and even for hanging labels.  You can use this detail to match your hang tags and woven tags;  All you need to do is to ask our sales representative for more information. 

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The production is suitable for 

We produce textile labels in any color, your desire, any cut shape and any label size.  So if you’re looking for laser-cut woven labels with self-adhesive (and iron back) contact us today for instant prices. 

We offer free shipping and free sample charges and our customer service is excellent.  And free graphic design art services. 

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Provide more details 

Creating square labels is an industry standard.There’s nothing wrong with a standard label, but if you have a unique product or location and you want to put your label on your product, then you might want to consider adding a unique advantage. 

The extra detail it can provide undoubtedly adds quality to any tag sewn on the outside of the garment.The label attached to the children’s blanket is definitely an extra feature that provides a unique brand concept.  The Tara Arles label is also laser-cut, but it has an added feature of adhesive on the back, so they can fix it to the insole line.

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Add influence to your brand 

This is really the most cost-effective way to create a dynamic impact for your brand.  Laser cutting these labels makes them look like a patch because of the cost of weaving the labels.This is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and create a level of interest in your brand.

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