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Our products, logo tags for clothing, are designed and made by computer, then woven by professional labeling machine, and finally processed.This white fabric clothing labels are 30D high quality with ultrasonic cut edge (the advantage of ultrasonic cutting is smooth and does not irritate the skin).The density is high so that the content is clear.

This custom shirt tag feels very soft and does not stimulate the skin if it sews on the neck. It is one of our best sellers.High density is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

The label on a white background has to be woven twice to be white enough.If you only weave it once, it won’t be so white and it will permeate the color easily.Pure white background color makes woven label more texture.Generally made of polyester line standard advantages are good air permeability, no decolorization, clear lines, the product is more high-grade.

Although collars have long been the traditional practice of clothing production, without collars, consumers will also question the origin and quality of clothing. Sew on clothing labels personalized can avoid this problem. Start to create your own clothing tags right now. How to get clothing tags made?I am here,contact me and make your own clothes tags. (custom clothing labels low minimum)

Woven label’s grade is high or low, we only do the best quality.We pay attention to the quality of the logo, so that the customer brand to achieve the propaganda effect, the brand value of the logo is higher than the product value of the logo itself.Logo as the symbol of clothing enterprises, has the role of guiding consumption and publicity, so more and more buyers pay more attention to the quality of the label.

Logo tags for clothing

We are clothing tags manufacturer, belong to the factory direct sales.The price is very competitive.Weaving label has a wide range of applications, such as clothing, home textile, home furnishing, toys, packaging gifts, etc..

Logo tags for clothing

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