Main usage of labels

Woven label is something that every friend of us has seen in our daily life, but when we talk about it, most of our friends are unfamiliar with this term.In fact, woven label is located in the clothing of the label, people in the purchase of clothes if you want to see whether the size of the clothes, clothes is what material, open the clothes to see the woven label inside, simple and clear.Maybe at this point, everyone will suddenly realize that these little labels are woven labels.Woven label is not very common in People’s Daily life.

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There is a small woven label on clothes, trousers, shoes and bags, with the logo or text trademark woven above, which is the logo of clothing brands and plays a very important role in the clothing market.Woven label according to the process to into is not very different types, such as burning edge woven label, woven label, label, print label, forging surface woven label, anti-counterfeit label and so on, so can also be due to the yarn different divisions for cotton yarn, polyester, metal wire, fish thread woven label, because of the different material in the process, the quality aspect also has certain gap.

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