Make your own woven/embroidery patches

Making custom patches is easy when you work with KSTHL Labels. Effortlessly turn your design or idea into a vivid, fashion quality embroidery patch.We help creators create small-batch to high-volume dream designs with incredible quality and industry-leading customer service.Our passion is to bring the benefits of on-demand manufacturing to everyone — that’s why we offer fast turnaround times, fair prices, and low minimum number of orders for every custom patch project you create with us.

Custom patches

If your design has a lot of details or small letters that you want to pop, choose woven patches to achieve a clean, clear, graphic style.The patches are made in a similar way to images that appear on a computer screen, with dots.Woven patches are woven with finer thread than embroidered patches.In addition, there are no drag studs between the letters on the woven patch.When your design becomes a braided patch, these threads are constantly stitched together to get a very detailed result. 

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The significance of using patches

It’s summer and it doesn’t take much time to turn a basic everyday outfit into a summer outfit.It’s the little things that make any piece a true seasonal staple — a piece that can be easily switched from season to season. 

The lovely Sunshine patch is a lovely accessory for all ages and genders.They’re bright enough to catch people’s eye, but neutral enough to go with anything — which makes them great for a summer collection!Their padding is easy to remove and can be removed at the end of the season without changing the look of the original clothing or accessories.

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Our woven patches products

Here are some of our favorite patches that we’ve made over the years for past clients.Whether you’re promoting an event, adding color to a regular jacket,or just putting a smile on people’s faces, they’re bound to give off a little sunshine. 

Patches aren’t just used to cover holes, they also make a nice addition to denim jackets, backpacks, baseball caps, and more.This brightly colored embroidered patch features a beautiful sun pattern.This patch is made with a classic iron, but if you want to keep this patch mostly for the summer, you can opt for a detachable back. 

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Embroidery patches

Embroidery patches are a perfect combination of affordability, durability and design potential with hundreds of lines of color to match your logo or drawing 

When you choose this traditional patch style, your design is created on high quality thread stitched fabric. 

These originally handmade badges are now widely available and can be made with a variety of accessories, such as sewn on, pressed on, glue-backed or Velcro backed.

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Embroidery patch – Creative production

In this case, the design is not printed on the patch.Instead, it’s sewn on the back! 

We use a variety of thin,colorful threads to sew them to the fabric substrate.Upon completion, loose threads and bare fabric are altered.This is the essence of embroidery.If you’ve ever tried it at home, you know how challenging and complex it can be. 

Due to the need for precision, embroidery remains a valuable art form.Even after so many changes in textiles and fashion, this little whim has stood the test of time. 

Applying modern techniques to this ancient art,embroidery patches forever capture your designs.These patches can be sewn onto hats, jackets, school bags,and anything with a fabric surface. 

With such versatility, they are ideal for detailed additions to almost any project or promotion.The embroidered patches on gift bags or bonus bags are so much fun that they come alive.

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The things about embroidery patch

If you don’t sew or don’t have the time, you don’t have to worry.We thought about this and don’t want you to miss out on these extraordinary embroidery patches.  That’s why some products have irons on the back.What could be simpler than that? 

However, embroidered patches are not without their drawbacks.After all, no one is perfect. 

Since the design is not printed or woven, it can have a messy look if asked to do too much.To adjust for this, we don’t limit how many colors you can choose, but how many colors you can use on a patch.This helps prevent the embroidery from looking overwrought or chaotic. 

If your image is filled with detail, then we suggest you take a look at some of our weave patches.Made of fabric, they provide a richer and clearer touch. 

The price of our embroidery patches will vary depending on the complexity of the process, backing, production run and other variables. 

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Embroidery Coverage


About 50% of patches will have thread coverage.Best for text design. 


About 75% of patches have thread coverage. 


Select this option if you are looking for the closest color match to your design. 

Our embroidery patches products

Your patches don’t need to have a lot of color to express themselves.  Sometimes a simple design with just two contrasting colors can be just as effective.  (Plus, using some colored threads can help you save money!)  This embroidery patch takes a classic color palette and keeps it fresh by inverting the colors. 

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Other Clothing Accessories Product Ideas

Are you looking for other ways to incorporate interesting design? At KSTHL Labels, in addition to patches, we offer a number of other custom product options.  Here are some other ideas for products you can create: 

Custom hats–Add special designs to baseball caps, quad caps, dad caps, snap caps, and wider caps to make hats even more unique. 

Custom Stickers-Create high quality waterproof stickers, add sunshine Touch to water bottles, laptops, laptops, and more. 

Custom ties-Add a touch of color and personality to brighten everyday work attire. 

Custom socks-Add a sunbeam pattern or embroidery to a pair of socks and they will add life to any outfit. 

Custom lanyard-Track your keys during summer events with bright, sunny embroidered lanyards that are perfect for summer. 

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